Libertarian Mom running for US Senate in Minnesota

Minneapolis. (ONN) Heather Johnson may not have much experience as a government official. But as the mother of two daughters and the Secretary of the Minnesota Libertarian Party, she has plenty of experience battling government officials. Johnson declared her candidacy for US Senate and she’s already showing what an energized and active campaign looks like. She’ll need to work extra hard, as the odds are always against honest, sincere citizen-candidates. But don’t forget – it’s Minnesota, where anything can happen on Election Day.

If you think it’s difficult being a mother of two young girls, working, volunteering, and going back to college all at the same time, try adding a run for US Senate to the list. While that massive burden might cripple most people, the Libertarian Party’s Heather Johnson only seems to get more energized from the challenge.

About Heather Johnson – Libertarian Lady

The US Senate candidate’s campaign website details Heather Johnson’s biography by beginning with the simple yet unmistakable title, ‘Libertarian Lady’. “I grew up in Minnesota, lived in both North Minneapolis and Golden Valley for most of my life, and graduated from Cooper High School in Robbinsdale,” she explains, detailing her Minnesota roots, “Both of my daughters keep me busy as well as my family and friends. I reflect traditional Minnesota values and diversity. My unique circumstances and experiences in life has loaned me the ability to relate to so many people.”

Johnson is currently attending school to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree. But even back when she attended her local Community College for her Associate’s Degree, Heather had the politics bug and decided to get involved in student government. “I’ve held leadership positions at NHCC on the Student Senate as Legislative Coordinator and worked with MSCSA,” she details, “There are numerous committees with whom I’ve served including the Policy and Procedure Committee, Student Life Committee, and the Elections Committee at NHCC. As Secretary for the Libertarian Party of Minnesota, I am currently part of the Bylaws Committee as well as Media and Marketing.”

Heather Johnson insists, “I am truly Minnesotan to my core. I sound Minnesotan, but I am also diverse in my history, education, and development.” The US Senate candidate is currently pursuing a degree in Creative Writing, which is right up her alley considering she’s a popular journalist, author and novelist. Johnson happily confirms, “Writing is one of my life long passions and I’m currently working on three novels.”

Hard work and perseverance

While Johnson will undoubtedly get a boost from young voters and college students who empathize with her determined efforts, she may also gain the support of Minnesota’s working class and the many families struggling financially just to make it from week to week. She’s a hard working mom and like many of us, has worked in a number of industries, basically because we were fortunate enough to land a job in a struggling economy.

“I’ve held positions for quality control in post-closing mortgages, worked on suitability, and conducted quality assurance reviews for financial institutions,” she says, “I’ve also worked as safety and security personnel and for minimum wage in retail jobs.” Needless to say, Heather Johnson is no stranger to hard work.

One statement Johnson made while describing herself and her qualifications is one that always resonates with us here at Opposition News. It describes most of us, from the left, right and center and from every opposition political party. In many ways, it’s what sets us apart from the two establishment parties that exist in their own protective bubble, isolated from the real world that the rest of us live in.

The Libertarian US Senate candidate explains, “Throughout my life and in my childhood, I’ve had many trials and many joys. I’ve experienced physical and financial setbacks stemming from health situations and a few from mistakes I’ve made. These types of situations grant me first-hand experience to the struggles of my fellow citizens.”

Positions and platform

Heather Johnson repeatedly reminds voters and supporters that she is not a career politician and literally answered the call when her friends, family and fellow Libertarians asked her to consider running for US Senate. She explains, “Seeing that our nation’s founding principles of liberty and freedom from oppression are far from the reality in today’s political landscape, I answered the call.”

She echoes her fellow Libertarians when she sums up her political beliefs saying, “Every human has a natural right to their lives, liberties, and properties to do with as they choose, so long as they do not infringe upon another’s same right.” That’s basically the founding principal of the Libertarian Party, and one growing more popular across America as the federal government continues to grow and overreach its powers.

Johnson is about as blunt as can be when she describes how she feels about our government in Washington DC. It also sums up how many of us in the political opposition feel and sheds some light on why the Libertarian mom is running for the US Senate.

“The government is far from upholding and defending these rights for all individuals,” she says, “They’ve long infringed upon our natural rights. They’ve sold the American human population to the highest bidder, the richest lobbyists. They are corrupted, bought, and damaged for the specific benefits of limited groups of humans at the expense of our liberties, properties, and lives. They are criminals.”

On the issues

As far as specific issues go, Heather Johnson lists off quite a few that she is for or against. The proud and protective mother of two is a supporter of strong law and order when it comes to violent crimes against innocents, especially women and children. But she’s opposed to the existence of victimless crimes. Like many libertarians, she would legalize marijuana, drugs, prostitution, gambling, and revoke laws mandating seatbelts, motorcycle helmets and other crimes of that nature.

Johnson also touts her support for parental rights and the rights of homeschooling parents. She recognizes and supports the separation of Church and State. And garnering supportive smiles from potential voters, she adds that she also supports, “the separation of Business and State.” The Libertarian US Senate hopeful goes on to detail her intention to support legislation that severs the ties between government and special interests, brings our troops home from foreign lands, ends foreign aid, and pays down the national debt.

When Heather Johnson first wrote to us at our sister publication Whiteout Press, she grabbed our attention by her sincere, impassioned and straight forward appeal, “I am writing to you in the hopes that you’ll share my candidacy with your readers. I am not a career politician, I don’t have the money and contacts that they do. I need every bit of help I can get.” Sound familiar? It does to us. That’s why we started Opposition News in the first place. And it’s most definitely our pleasure.