Constitution Party fields 150 Candidates and counting

Cheyenne, WY. (ONN) The Constitution Party announced it had registered its 150th candidate for the upcoming November General Election. And that total comes from just 22 states so far. The party’s energy is increasing with its fired-up, nationwide, precinct level organization. Their Seven Principals show where the Constitution Party proudly stands, while its positions on the hot button issues of the day are on the popular side of popular opinion.

As regularly tracked by our friends at Ballot Access News, the Constitution Party has 2014 election candidates in at least 22 states, with ballot access criteria submitted in 16 states so far. As of the time of the publishing of last month’s BAN newsletter, there were 22 states whose ballot access window was still open. So, the number of candidates and states could still grow.

Candidates, candidates, and more candidates

In his latest announcement to Constitution Party supporters, National Chairman Frank Fluckiger reported that some of their candidates in certain races were meeting a surprisingly receptive media response.

Typically, corporate owned news outlets systematically black-out the campaigns of independents and opposition party candidates. But from national outlets like MSNBC to local news accounts in Wyoming and Pennsylvania, the press is finally paying attention.

“The hard work of recruiting candidates, putting together campaign teams, distributing literature at state fairs and gun shows, soliciting signatures to get on the ballot – all this and more – means we are making progress,” Frank Fluckiger told fellow party supporters, “Even the media has noticed that we’re in the game, despite the rules being unfair.”

One of those Constitution Party candidates this year is Jennifer Young, running for Wyoming Secretary of State. Young is a grassroots activist who has led the battle against Common Core in the state. She’s also a grandmother with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wyoming. But that’s not what has the state’s media and two establishment parties taking notice.

A few months ago, Constitution Party of Wyoming state chair Jennifer Young criss-crossed the state to collect the required 37,000 signatures for an education ballot referendum. Young gathered only 22,000, but amassed a legion of statewide contacts and over 300 volunteers in 200 Wyoming towns and communities.

Additional Constitution Party candidates are being fielded in states including; Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Principals and Issues

Another reason the Constitution Party is seeing an increase in activism is their longstanding reputation for being true to their core beliefs. Displayed prominently on the party’s home page are both their ‘7 Principals’ and 5 ‘Key Issues’. They are (from

7 Principals of the Constitution Party

Pro Life

Pro Liberty

Pro Family

Pro Private Property

Pro Constitution/Bill of Rights

Pro States’ Rights

Pro American Sovereignty