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American Freedom Party warns about Immigration Stats

October 5, 2014. Maidsville, WV. (ONN) The American Freedom Party is using one of its primary platform positions to promote the Party’s candidates while voters are still frustrated and demanding their voices be heard. Illegal immigration piled on top of legal immigration has forced the country through growing pains that it hasn’t seen in a century. One in six Americans right now is a legal or illegal immigrant. And almost none of them are from European nations.

Constitution's Hudok makes WV Ballot by 1 Signature

September 9, 2014. Huttonsville, WV. (ONN) The biggest obstacle independents and opposition party candidates have is getting their names on the election ballot. In most states, the number of petition signatures needed by our candidates is exponentially higher than the two establishment parties, sometimes as high as 40-times as many. The Constitution Party’s candidate for US Senate, Phil Hudok, proved that every signature counts. He made the WV November ballot by just one signature.

WV Greens reorganize with Mountain Party

August 11, 2014. Sutton, WV. (ONN) The Mountain Party of West Virginia, the local affiliate of the national Green Party, just held its bi-annual State Convention. The party’s Executive Committee unanimously voted in new party leadership while approving a large slate of candidates for the upcoming November General Election. With West Virginia’s recent poisoning of its drinking water due to industrial contamination, watch for the Mountain Party Greens to score some surprise victories this year.

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