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Opposition Left divided over Bernie Sanders

January 22, 2016. Seattle, WA. (ONN) The American political opposition, at least on the left wing, is divided in the debate over endorsing independent US Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid to capture the Democratic Party nomination for President. Opposition political parties like the Socialists, Peace and Freedom, Justice, and Working Families have taken different approaches. Some are opting out of running a candidate in 2016 and endorsing Sanders. Others are warning against that position.

Constitution Party says NO to Constitutional Convention

February 6, 2015. Spokane Valley, WA. (ONN) Ever since the US Constitution was ratified two and a quarter centuries ago, there have been those who want to add to it, fix it or change it. The first successful attempt has been the bane of despots and the pride of patriots for 200 years - the Bill of Rights. Today, a movement is growing to hold another Constitutional Convention to stop the transgression from Republic to Empire and President to Dictator. But America’s guardians of the Constitution - the Constitution Party - say no.

Constitution Party says blame Voters, not Illegal Immigrants

August 16, 2014. Spokane Valley, WA. (ONN) The recent onslaught of illegal immigrants streaming across America’s southern border has elicited passionate responses from both sides of the issue. Militiamen and volunteer border patrols are trying to stop the flood. While foreigners and establishment political leaders are demanding amnesty. But the Constitution Party surprised many recently when it announced its position on the hotly debated issue.

March 25th
TO: MEMBERS OF CONGRESS RE: OBAMACARE All of you who have duly sworn an oath to “support and defend” the U. S. Constitution, and to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same,” have but one choice available to them where Obam…
January 25th
Robert W. Peck – Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington I recently discovered a pamphlet in a pile of materials on my desk that was waiting to be sorted. The pamphlet contained the text of a speech given by former Nixon administration official, …
December 20th
The Story Behind The Christmas Story I expect we’re all aware that Christmas isn’t really about Black Friday sales and going to the mall to see how much stuff you can cram into the trunk of your car to haul home and put under a dead tree in yo…
November 5th
By Robert W. Peck – Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington When conservative talk radio host, Glenn Beck, announced he would not be voting for Trump, and suggested that, if Hillary wins, we can oppose her agenda in Congress, live to fight anothe…
September 23rd
By Robert W. Peck – Chairman, Constitution Party of Washington As the pundits pontificate, the politicians bluster and blather, and the American public eagerly awaits the opening of Presidential debate season, there are only two things missing from …

October 29th
[L.i.v.e...T.V].. Boise State v.s Wyoming L.i.v.e S.t.r.e.a-m(o.n.l.i.n.e/F.o.o.t.b.a.l.l)..N.C.A.A G.a.m.e 2016[L.i.v.e...T.V].. Boise State v.s Wyoming L.i.v.e S.t.r.e.a-m(o.n.l.i.n.e/F.o.o.t.b.a.l.l)..N.C.A.A G.a.m.e 2016     Watch,,Boise,,…
July 14th
The man who posted the video of Alton Sterling's death works at Dobbins Air Force Base.  After posting the video, he was arrested and shackled for some many-years-old traffic tickets.  After 24 hours in jail he was allowed to pay the tickets and…
July 14th
The Aberdeen City Council passed an ordinance last night prohibiting bulk crude oil storage and handling facilities within the city.  A major triumph.  (From a private email message)
July 14th
Kshama Sawant has written that, now that Bernie has sold us out by endorsing Hillary, it's time for all progressive voters to continue the movement by joining the Green Party and working for Jill Stein.  Story here.
July 11th
It is hard to know what to say about the recent deaths of black men, for seemingly no reason, at the hands of the police, or the bloody reaction in Dallas that nobody wanted but seems so inevitable given the provocation.   Here is a statement by Mich…


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