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2 Greens in VA State House races this Week

January 7, 2015. Hopewell, VA. (ONN) The state of Virginia is holding three Special Elections this week to fill vacant Virginia House seats. In two of the three contests, there is an independent candidate. In yesterday’s Election for the VA 63rd State House District, a Green-endorsed independent faced off against a Democrat. And next week, a disgraced and just-convicted sexual deviant, to put it kindly, has been welcomed into the VA Greens to win his legislative seat back.

This is how GOP Rep Eric Cantor lost to the Tea Party

June 11, 2014. Richmond, VA. The American political landscape is still shaking this morning, along with the nation’s stock markets, after the second most powerful Republican in the House went down in defeat last night. Is it an indicator of an anti-incumbent rebellion coming this year? Is the Tea Party back and bigger than ever? Or did the Democrats secretly infiltrate the Virginia GOP Primary Election and replace a powerful foe with a rookie?


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