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Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionals join forces in OK, SD

July 31, 2015. Oklahoma City, OK. (ONN) The three largest opposition political parties in America have joined forces in two different states to overcome the rigged ballot access requirements they collectively face. In Oklahoma, the Libertarian Party and Green Party have launched a joint petition drive. And in South Dakota, the Libertarian Party has joined the Constitution Party and the ACLU in a lawsuit to overturn the state’s new and more difficult ballot access deadline for opposition parties.

Crush The Duopoly launched to aid the Opposition

March 14, 2015. Sioux Falls, SD. (ONN) There is a new addition to America’s political opposition. Crush The Duopoly is the name of the group, website and idea just launched by South Dakota Constitution Party State Chair Lori Stacey. If you like Opposition News, Ballot Access News, Independent Political Report and Free and Equal, you’re going to love Crush The Duopoly. Lori brings the experience of a State Chair and recent candidate, along with the wisdom of a national leader pledging to work on behalf of all independents and opposition parties across the country.

Open Letter from Leonard Peltier

December 9, 2014. Leavenworth, KS. (ONN) In 1973, a 71-day armed stand-off at the Wounded Knee Reservation between members of the American Indian Movement and US authorities launched a bloody and deadly revolt by Native Americans who wanted an end to the poisoning of their water and the bribery of their elected officials by large drilling and mining corporations. Over the next three years, a number of federal agents and over 60 AIM members were murdered. Leonard Peltier was an AIM member framed by authorities for two murders of FBI agents that he didn’t commit.

February 3rd
For Immediate Release:Constitution Party of South Dakota response to the travesty committed upon the voters of South Dakota due to the repeal of IM-22.There were some absolutely heroic efforts by a few Legislators that displayed the utmost of integrity in…
February 2nd
For Immediate Release:Lora Hubbel has decided to step down as State Party Chairman.  We thank her for serving and wish her the best in the future.The State Central Committee met on Thursday evening,  February 2, 2017 to fill vacancies due to Sta…
July 8th
UPDATE:  Registration extended until opening of convention at 1:45 PM on Saturday, July 9th.  Please try to register here online. Our Presidential Nominee Darrell Castle will be joining us LIVE via Skype at the state convention on Saturday after…
June 22nd
The 2016 Constitution Party of South Dakota state convention will be held on July 9, 2016.Come join us as we nominate Constitutionist candidates for the November 2016 South Dakota ballot!We already have chosen a fantastic Presidential ticket for 2016 so n…
April 25th
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:At the National Committee Meeting held in Salt Lake City directly following the 2016 National Convention, new party national and regional chairmen/co-chairmen were elected.Frank Fluckiger was re-elected as National Chairman and Jenni…


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