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Opposition unites to defeat Top Two Voting in OR

November 14, 2014. Portland. (ONN) While America’s opposition parties evaluate how their candidates across the country did in the Election, the entire movement is celebrating a resounding victory in Oregon. Establishment forces led by billionaire Michael Bloomberg put a referendum on the ballot that would change the state’s voting process from a Primary system to Top Two. But voters, led by the state’s Greens, Libertarians and Constitutionals, won a resounding victory, saving Oregon from losing its open democracy.

April 16th
October 25th
Attacks by the Ken Moore campaign and the Democratic Party of Oregon on Ron Noble have drawn strong condemnation from the community. CLAIM:  "During his time as head of campus security at a local college, four different female students reported wakin…
October 8th
In what appears to be an historic first, the Oregonian has endorsed a candidate for statewide office who is not a Democrat or Republican.  The well-deserved Endorsement goes to Chris Telfer, the nominee of the Independent Party of Oregon.  The O…
June 16th
The 2016 IPO primary election and member survey will take place from July 4th - July 18, 2016.  Please check back then.   Use the form on the right to join our mailing list and/or join the party to be notified when the election starts.…



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