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Reform Party gets new Officers, Affiliate, Website, Shirts

February 1, 2015. Louisburg, NC. (ONN) It’s been a very busy couple of months for the Reform Party. First, they welcomed in new County chapters into their North Carolina affiliate. Next, the Party held a meeting to select new national Party officers. Not stopping there, RPUSA officials announced they were going to launch a whole new website. And finally, the Reform Party announced the offering of American made polo shirts complete with the RPUSA logo.

Libertarian Candidates like Sean Haugh using LP Radio

May 16, 2014. Durham, NC. Libertarian Party candidates running for election this year have a new media vehicle available to them to get their message out. It’s a weekly online radio show titled, Libertarians Working for You. Hosted on the Voice America internet radio network, the broadcast has been on the air since March and has already produced seven shows featuring fourteen LP candidates from around the country.



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