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Jesse Ventura wants to run for President

October 19, 2014. Dellwood, MN. (ONN) Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura says he wants to run for US President in 2016. But the former professional wrestler and current cable TV host has some requests and conditions. He also has some surprisingly outrageous comments and a fixation on race that may doom his effort before it starts. But as always, Jesse ‘the Governor’ Ventura means what he says and says what he means. Here’s the latest news on his possible bid for the White House.

League of Women Voters strikes again

October 15, 2014. Edina, MN. (ONN) The League of Women Voters has struck again, and again, and again. Like every election over the past two decades, the League is sponsoring countless candidate debates for local and state-wide office. The only problem is that the League of Women Voters has an ugly, discriminatory policy of only allowing establishment Republicans and Democrats to participate in their debates. This election, they’ve gone so far as to censor journalists and ban video-taping on public property.

Libertarian Mom running for US Senate in Minnesota

August 5, 2014. Minneapolis. (ONN) Heather Johnson may not have much experience as a government official. But as the mother of two daughters and the Secretary of the Minnesota Libertarian Party, she has plenty of experience battling government officials. Johnson declared her candidacy for US Senate and she’s already showing what an energized and active campaign looks like. She’ll need to work extra hard, as the odds are always against honest, sincere citizen-candidates. But don’t forget - it’s Minnesota, where anything can happen on Election Day.

Greens produce new T-Shirt, more Candidates for 2014

July 11, 2014. St. Paul, MN. (ONN). The Green Party is gearing up for its national convention two weeks from now in St. Paul, Minnesota. Coincidentally enough, that’s also the home of one of the party’s candidates with the best shots at winning a statewide election this year. Also, just in time for their 30th annual national convention, the Greens have designed and produced new T-Shirts with the slogan, ‘Rise, Resist, Revolt’.

April 12th
Story by: DYLAN THOMAS / DTHOMAS@SOUTHWESTJOURNAL.COM A second candidate emerged in April for the Ward 8 City Council seat Elizabeth Glidden plans to leave after three terms in office. Terry White, a marketing operations manager in the healthcare ind…
April 2nd
The Green Party of the 4th Congressional District has officially endorsed Elizabeth Dickinson in the Saint Paul Mayoral race!
March 26th
Welcome to the February/March 2017 issue of the Sunflower Seed! In this issue you will find the most recent 2017 Green endorsed candidates, learn how Greens are defending Ranked Choice Voting in Saint Paul, get an update on the historic Cheri Honkala…
March 18th
From Green Councilmember Cam Gordon:  "I'm very disturbed by the news that Xcel Energy has used its economic power to muzzle fair, if pointed, criticism of it's terrible 'Becker bill'. 
March 16th
Samantha L. Pree-Stinson Green Party Endorsed Candidate Minneapolis City Council Ward 3 White paper: Energy, Environment and Transportation Minneapolis and St. Paul are two of the hardest hit cities due to climate change. Currently, renewable energy fuels…



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