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Green Party Candidates take aim at TTIP Trade Deal

June 7, 2014. Detroit. Last year, the Green Party took the lead in opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal involving a dozen nations around the Pacific Ocean. Now, the Greens are on the front line against TPP’s Atlantic twin, TTIP - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Both are global trade alliances between the US and its allies in opposition to economic powerhouses like China, India, Japan and Russia.

US Socialist Parties defend Russia over Crimea

April 4, 2014. Oak Park, MI. President Obama and his fellow Democrats have vowed to stop the Crimea from joining the Russian Federation, and Republicans lead by John McCain have taken the same position and are even calling for war. But America’s opposition parties are all but united in an anti-war stance. And some of the various US socialist parties are even coming out in support of Russia’s actions in the region.

April 30th
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February 11th
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January 2nd
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December 31st
December 3rd
Out of Your Chair! Wow, wow, wow!!! Anyone involved with the Party for any period of time can only feel a sense of excitement about the […]


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