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Maryland Greens letting Teens vote in Primary

April 11, 2016. Rockville, MD (ONN) Throughout the month of April, the Maryland Green Party will be holding a mail-in Primary Election to decide the Party’s nominees for the General Election. In a stroke of genius, state leaders have decided to let 16 and 17-year-olds not only participate in the process, but actually cast a vote in the 2016 Maryland Primary. Being the only political party to allow the teens to vote, Maryland Greens are sweeping up future voters as the other Parties close their doors to them.

3 Greens in Primary Battle for Baltimore Mayor

February 17, 2016. Baltimore, MD. (ONN) With the incumbent not seeking reelection, the race for Baltimore Mayor has attracted a large field of candidates. Among them are three Green Party hopefuls who will have to battle each other in a May 1st Primary Election. The fact that three candidates are vying to represent the Green Party in the General Election shows how popular and successful the Greens have been in Maryland, especially Baltimore.

Green Senate Candidate arrested protesting in Congress

October 26, 2015. Baltimore, MD. (ONN) The Green Party candidate for Maryland’s US Senate seat has made national headlines this month and is positioning herself for a legitimate chance in next year’s General Election. Margaret Flowers was arrested while protesting the US Afghan bombing campaign in Sen. John McCain’s Senate Committee hearing. And the following day, her potential Democratic opponent in November agreed to include the Maryland Green in the US Senate debates.

PSL teams with NALC to save the US Postal Service

December 12, 2014. Rockville, MD. (ONN) In January, the US Postal Service is planning to close or consolidate 82 mail processing centers across America. Management insists it’s required to maintain the Service’s balance sheet. But workers warn that the move is meant to sabotage the USPS in the eyes of Americans by cutting services, increasing wait times and eliminating delivery days. The goal, they contend, is a take-over of the 75-billion-dollar per year mail industry by Wall Street corporations.



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