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Green, Libertarian in 4-way ME Special Election

February 27, 2015. Rockland, ME. (ONN) When Maine State Representative Elizabeth Dickerson announced she was resigning her seat and moving to Colorado last month, just ten days after taking office, a Special Election was announced to replace the Rockland Democrat. With the ballot finalized for the March 10th Special Election, voters will have four candidates to choose from - a Democrat, a Republican, a Green and a Libertarian.

Veterans Party supports Indy Richardson in ME CD 2

July 14, 2014. Belfast, ME. (ONN) Back in April, we reported that the new Veterans Party was growing faster than any other political party in America. In just the first month of the party’s existence, it went from having 2 official state affiliates to having 43. Already, the party for veterans and non-veterans alike is fielding a slew of candidates around the country. One of them is Blaine Richardson, running for US Congress in Maine’s 2nd District as an independent.

Maine Greens triple their Candidate Slate in 2 years

March 8, 2014. Portland, ME. The Green Party likes to call itself the fastest growing political party in America. And if the state of Maine is any indication, it’s absolutely true. With months remaining to add to their 2014 slate of candidates for the Maine Statehouse races, they’re already on track to triple the number of State Senate and State Rep candidates they had two years ago.

March 22nd
The Maine Green Independent Party  (MGIP) has joined the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition to endorse Fair Chance legislation, also known as “Ban the Box”.   Fair Chance is a national movement seeking to rem…
March 22nd
The Maine Green Independent Party believes health care is a human right, not a pay or die commodity. Too many in our communities go without the care they need, or are burdened by crushing medical debt.  So we are proud to join the Maine HealthCa…
June 13th
Friday, June 13, 2016 The Maine Green Independent Party released the following statement today in response to yesterday's Orlando, Florida shootings: We in the Maine Green Independent Party offer our deepest condolences to the families and communities mos…
April 13th
The Panama Papers have exposed the sordid tax avoidance schemes of the super wealthy and their efforts to avoid paying their fair share. The information about shell companies and offshore accounts has shed light on how these clandestine schemes pick the p…
March 21st
Dear Maine Greens, We are very encouraged by the support the Maine Green Independent Party has received from caucus attendance and participation. All around Maine we have dedicated members who live our 10 Key Values and want to see these values sprea…

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