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Libertarians flock to help LP Family after Fire

May 25, 2015. Baton Rouge, LA. (ONN) The Libertarian Party of Louisiana put the Party’s philosophy about charity versus government dependence to the test recently. Even in the deep south, it can get pretty cold as Winter turns to Spring. When a small space heater burned a family’s barn and its livestock to the ground, the family was devastated. But while it took three months for the story to make it to the rest of us, it took only three hours for fellow Libertarians to jump into action. Sometimes the word charity doesn’t mean 501c3. It means you and me. And the Libertarian Party of LA proved it.

Constitution Party gets December Election Win in LA

December 17, 2014. Eunice, LA. (ONN) The Constitution Party elected another public official in the state of Louisiana last week. After the votes were tallied from the statewide election, the Constitution Party’s Randy Fontenot won the office of Chief of Police of Eunice, Louisiana. The CP’s nominee faced a Democrat in the state’s December 6 run-off Election and defeated him handily. This is the second office a Constitution Party candidate has won in the state recently.