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Open Letter from Leonard Peltier

December 9, 2014. Leavenworth, KS. (ONN) In 1973, a 71-day armed stand-off at the Wounded Knee Reservation between members of the American Indian Movement and US authorities launched a bloody and deadly revolt by Native Americans who wanted an end to the poisoning of their water and the bribery of their elected officials by large drilling and mining corporations. Over the next three years, a number of federal agents and over 60 AIM members were murdered. Leonard Peltier was an AIM member framed by authorities for two murders of FBI agents that he didn’t commit.

Indy Orman leads Libertarian Batson for US Senate in KS

October 7, 2014. Wichita. (ONN) You won’t see that headline anywhere other than Opposition News, even though it’s completely true. Independents are about to increase their number of US Senate seats from two to three. And Kansas independent Greg Orman will have to beat Libertarian Randall Batson to do it. The Democrat candidate had such little support, he dropped out of the race. And the Republican incumbent is just as unpopular.

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