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Hoefling seeks Constitution Nomination to unite Conservatives

March 16, 2016. Lohrville, IA. (ONN) 2012 Presidential candidate Tom Hoefling has announced that he is actively seeking the 2016 Presidential nomination of no less than four conservative political parties. The largest of them is the Constitution Party, the fifth largest political party in America. The Constitution Party already has three official candidates. Can Hoefling reach enough state chapters and will Constitution Party leaders be receptive to a nominee that isn’t a member of their Party?

America's Party Tom Hoefling announces Presidential run

February 10, 2016. Sioux City, IA. (ONN) 2012 Presidential candidate Tom Hoefling announced he will again be running for US President in 2016. The founder and National Chairman of America’s Party surprised many by finishing 8th four years ago, ahead of the nominees from a host of larger opposition parties. Hoefling will again be seeking the nomination of his own America’s Party, as well as the ballot line of the American Independent Party, just as he did in 2012.

Sen Bernie Sanders in Iowa talking Presidential run

September 16, 2014. Des Moines. (ONN) Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders (i-VT) was in Iowa this weekend campaigning for President. So were other assumed frontrunners like Hillary Clinton. And while the former Secretary of State and her husband addressed thousands of Democratic voters at an establishment party event, independent Bernie Sanders was stealing away the party’s base to his own campaign events. There, he discussed whether he will run as a Democrat or an independent.


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