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PSL's La Riva warns Clinton, Trump too similar

June 3, 2016. Indianapolis, IN (ONN) The Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Presidential candidate, Gloria La Riva, is warning Democrat voters that Hillary Clinton is “a hair’s breadth of difference from Trump.” The second-time Presidential candidate is also targeting disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters who have experienced first-hand how rigged the Democratic Party’s Primary system is.

45 Green and Libertarian Candidates won last week

November 12, 2015. Claypool, IN. (ONN) It was a victorious off-year General Election last week for the Libertarian Party and the Green Party. Both parties surprised political onlookers, and possibly even themselves, by watching 45 of their candidates successfully elected to office on November 3rd. Libertarians saw 25 of their candidates win, while the Greens watched 20 of theirs bring home election night victories. Equally impressive is the percentage of races each Party won.

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