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Constitution Party State Chair to run for IL Governor

December 30, 2016. Springfield, IL (ONN) Randy Stufflebeam is one of the more proven and influential leaders of the Constitution Party. He is the Midwest Regional Chair as well as the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois. Stufflebeam recently announced he is running for the office of Illinois Governor in 2018. He’s not just leading by example, he’s also launching his campaign as early as possible – two things that will help him in his two-year-long quest for the Governorship.

Veterans Party joins Race for US Senate in Illinois

March 7, 2016. Urbana, IL (ONN) The 2016 General Election will be the young Veterans Party’s first organized election ever. The new political party was formed two years ago and has since rocketed to the top of the American opposition and third party politics based on surveys and social media statistics. But will everyday popularity translate into success on Election Day? Chris Aguayo, Veterans Party candidate for US Senate from Illinois, intends to find out.

Chicago Greens get Major Party Primary March 15

February 29, 2016. Chicago. (ONN) North side Chicago residents, as well as many of the surrounding suburbs, will be offered a rare choice for the March 15 Primary Election. Voters will have three political party ballots to choose from instead of the typical two. That’s because the Green Party of Chicago has not only achieved major party status in the 5th Congressional District, but it has a contested Primary for its seat in Congress.

Interview with Libertarian US Senate Candidate Chris Michel

January 26, 2016. Romeoville, IL. (ONN) While Illinois Democrats and Republicans are fighting amongst themselves to see who will represent each Party in the November General Election, the Libertarian Party of Illinois has recruited a slate of experienced candidates and they’re already on the campaign trail. One of those Libertarian hopefuls is Chris Michel, candidate for US Senate. As voter sentiment currently stands, come November he may face two of the most unpopular establishment politicians in Illinois.



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