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7 Tips for Opposition Political Activists

New Port Richey, FL (ONN). Of all the opposition political parties in America, and of all the states in the nation, few if any are more experienced and successful than the Florida libertarians. Some are leaders of the Libertarian Party of Florida, while others are small L libertarians fighting for the cause of freedom and liberty. One of those pillars of the opposition is Alexander Snitker. He recently published seven tips for political activists that are a perfect reminder during this election season.

Libertarian PAC endorses its first Candidate

October 11, 2015. Seminole, FL. (ONN) When the Supreme Court legalized secret corporate, union and foreign intervention in US elections with its Citizens United decision, the Super PAC was born. Since then, millionaires, billionaires, corporations and even ruthless foreign dictatorships have been funding Republican and Democrat campaigns. But Florida Libertarians decided to fight fire with fire. They launched the Florida Libertarian PAC and have officially endorsed their first election candidate.

FL Parents launch new Family Party, Slate for 2016

June 23, 2015. Miami. (ONN) In case you haven’t heard, the Dept of Human Services and its DCFS/CPS wing are out of control and countless families across America are being unjustly victimized. Now, parents in Florida are coming together to run for State House and State Senate seats as a united candidate slate and maybe even a new political party. Their number one issue is parents’ rights, and they’re probably going to find a very receptive audience.

Top 10 List all Opposition Candidates should read

April 9, 2014. Florida. America’s first-time citizen-candidates may find themselves lost and unsure what to do with their first election campaign. But our opposition political parties have some extremely experienced political campaigners that are here to help. One of those is Danielle Alexandre of the Libertarian Party of Florida. She’s compiled a ten-point list for the LP’s rookie candidates. But it’s so insightful, it applies to all opposition parties and their candidates.

May 14th
Please join us for the Green Party of Florida 2017 Annual Membership Meeting and Elections on May 26-28. This has been an exciting year of campaigns, politics, and revelations. On Saturday, we will be having presentations and discussions on issues and org…
May 8th
ATTENTION ALL REGISTERED GREENS IN FLORIDA!!! These are the offices that will be up for election for the GPFL. They are all for one year terms, except where otherwise noted. Registered Greens can self-nominate or nominate other Greens to any position. All…
March 1st
The Green Party of Florida recommends the following response to the upcoming House and Senate proposed bills in whatever method or methods you can best manage : 1) People can visit locally now until March 6th and locals and/or individuals should endeavor …
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