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Johnson Campaign makes first TV Ad Buy

September 8, 2016. Denver, CO. (ONN) A local ABC affiliate has reported that the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign is in the process of making its first TV ad buy. With only three weeks left before the first nationally televised Presidential debate, the Libertarian candidate is doing everything he can to lift his poll numbers to 15 percent so he can also participate alongside Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Free and Equal announces Colorado Symposium

March 4, 2015. Glendale, CO. (ONN) When Christina Tobin and Free and Equal speak, people listen. The organization and its founder have led the fight for free and fair elections in America for years. And they have just announced a November meeting to be held in Colorado. It’s the second annual Voting Methods and Election Integrity Symposium. While the gathering is mainly attended by state opposition activists and Party leaders, some of the most well known fighters for fair elections from around the country are also participating.

Green State Conventions & Contested Primaries

March 25, 2014. Denver. State and local Green Party affiliates are in the midst of annual meetings, conventions, primaries and candidate nominations. And already, the party appears to be building on its ever-growing support base. While a number of states are nominating a full slate of Green candidates for state-wide offices, some are seeing so much success they have multiple candidates for the same office and must hold a primary election for the first time ever.

March 7th
For our 2017 State Convention (get tickets here) we will be collecting books from fellow Libertarians to supplement our supply of giveaway books to include in our swag bags to All Access ticket holders and any extras will be out on the Party information t…
January 24th
Get your tickets for the Libertarian Party of Colorado 2017 Convention March 24-26, 2017 at the Westin, Westminster! >> Click HERE to purchase tickets <<     Join us as we kick off Convention with a fun-filled Casino Party on Frid…
December 27th
  There is more interest than ever in alternative voting methods such as Approval Voting and Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).  We have some fantastic advocates for Approval Voting with Frank Atwood, Presidential candidate for the Approval Voting Par…
November 17th
The Libertarian Party of Colorado is seeking applicants for its newly created Issues Advocacy Exploratory Committee.  The purpose of this Committee is to consider and research  current issues of Libertarian concern in which the LPCO can potentia…
October 18th
Tired of no media coverage? Look in the mirror, and be the change you want. When watching or reading news, do you feel like shouting at mainstream politicians and their misguided positions? Do you wish a reporter or TV program would have deigned to gi…

February 9th
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Green Party leaders said today that outrage over Senate’s confirmation of patently unqualified Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education was entirely justified — but the outrage should also be directed at Democratic Party…
January 26th
Green Party of the United States Immediate Release:Friday, January 27, 2017This release is posted online at McLarty, Media Coordinator, 202-904-7614, mclarty@greens.orgGreen Par…
January 24th
The Intercept reported yesterday that Colorado State Senator Jerry Sonnenberg (R) of Sterling is introducing a bill that will seriously abridge our rights of protest here in the state. From the article: In Colorado, Republican state Sen. Jerry Sonnen…
November 23rd
OpaVote Election Results ( GPCO Co-Chair Election There are 3 candidates competing for 1 seats. The number of voters is 31 and there were 31 valid votes and 0 empty votes. Counting votes using Oakland RCV. R|Bell     …


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