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4 Candidates vie for Peace & Freedom 2016 Nomination

February 6, 2016. Oakland, CA (ONN) The Peace and Freedom Party may be a regional party, found mainly in California. But their large following in that one state has made them impossible to ignore on the national stage. In 2012, the Peace and Freedom Presidential nominee garnered enough votes to make the Party the sixth largest political party in America. That makes their 2016 Presidential endorsement a hot commodity within the opposition-left. Four candidates are currently vying for the Party’s nod.

PSL calls Bernie Sanders a Reformer, not a Socialist

October 29, 2015. San Francisco, CA. (ONN) With a lack of candidates for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Vermont’s independent US Senator Bernie Sanders has not only infiltrated the Party, but captured much of the spotlight. And with that spotlight comes Sanders’ socialist platform. But America’s real socialists - the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) - insist the Vermont Senator and Presidential hopeful is only a reformer, not a socialist.

PSL nominates La Riva and Puryear for President, VP

September 1, 2015. San Francisco, CA. (ONN) The Party for Socialism and Liberation has named its 2016 Presidential ticket. Gloria La Riva is the Party’s nominee for US President and Eugene Puryear is the PSL candidate for Vice President. The pair will be campaigning under the slogan, Vote Socialist in 2016. Combined, the La Riva-Puryear ticket brings years of election experience as both have run for numerous offices including US President and Vice President.

Jeff 4 Justice - our Favorite Video Journalist

January 20, 2015. Yuba City, CA. (ONN) We don’t even know his real name. But in our humble and battle-hardened opinion, Jeff 4 Justice is the best video journalist America’s political grassroots has to offer. He somehow gets access to the country’s most powerful politicians and most famous celebrities. Often interviewing them from the backseat of his car on his beat-up old video camera, Jeff asks the questions no reporters dare to ask. And the candid responses he garners, having somehow infiltrated the establishment’s world, are priceless.

May 21st
Posted on May 21, 2017 by the Legislative Committee The following statement opposing Assembly Bill 469 was distributed to all 80 members of the State Assembly on May 19. The Assembly will vote on this measure within the next few days. Click here for a PD…
May 3rd
By Estevan Hernandez Posted on May 3, 2017 by the webmaster In cities across California activists with the Peace and Freedom Party (PFP) took to the streets on May 1, known world wide as International Workers' Day. Along with tens of thousands of people…
May 3rd
By Marsha Feinland Posted on May 3, 2017 by the webmaster Members of the Peace and Freedom Party from San Francisco and Alameda Counties participated in the Earth Day Action for Environmental and Climate Justice on Friday, April 21 in front of U.S. Envir…
October 26th
Spread the word about the Peace and Freedom Party. Encourage your friends to register Peace and Freedom, join the supporting membership program, and get involved. Here are some introductory handouts you can download and print for distribution. For a more …
August 23rd
California's socialist and feminist political party urges you to: Register to vote with the Peace and Freedom Party Become a supporting member Support our registration drive Support our candidates and campaigns Get involved where you live

April 4th
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April 4th
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April 4th
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April 4th
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