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Indy Mealer, LP Hess want Invite to AZ Gov Debates

July 22, 2014. Phoenix, AZ. (ONN) While six Republican candidates for Arizona Governor debated each other on television on Monday, two opposition candidates ramped up their campaign to be included in the coming General Election debates. John Mealer is the Independent Constitutionalist candidate running on the Americans Elect party line. Barry Hess is the Libertarian Party nominee and a second-time candidate for Arizona Governor. And as far as the televised debates are concerned, they want in.

Independent JL Mealer running for AZ Governor

January 16, 2014. Window Rock, AZ. John L. Mealer is no stranger to being a citizen-candidate running against the odds for elective office. Two years ago, he was a candidate for President. This time around, he’s set his sights on Arizona Governor. And with AZ Gov. Jan Brewer leaving due to term limits, it should be an exciting race.

January 8th
I receive many inquiries and some criticism about the Constitution Party’s position on abortion. Some people agree with our basic premise, but think we put too much emphasis on this issue. Some think the government has no right to legislate in this …


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