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Constitution Party strikes gold in Alaska with GOP Defections

October 29, 2014. Delta Junction, AK. (ONN) If you’re an opposition political party, you know you’ve done something right when you actually get one of your candidates elected to local office. But when you elect two of your members to the same County Board and one of them moves up to run for higher office, like State Representative, you can pat yourself on the back. You’ve struck gold. That series of events doesn’t happen often for us, and when it does, it’s something worth celebrating.

Constitution Party calls out Fellow Conservatives

April 7, 2014. Anchorage. (ONN) The Constitution Party is stepping on the toes of some of the wealthiest and most powerful conservatives in America. Party leaders are calling them out for making millions each year off of the patriotic political cause. They want the nation’s conservatives to know they could have a real effect in America, on the ground and in the precincts, by sending some of that hard earned money to those putting in the actual work, and not just those appearing on their TV screens and in their In Box.



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