7 Tips for Opposition Political Activists

America’s political Establishment is often called ‘the Machine’, because it is heartless, soulless, and brainless. While the political opposition sees itself as the heart and soul of the American people.

New Port Richey, FL (ONN). Of all the opposition political parties in America, and of all the states in the nation, few if any are more experienced and successful than the Florida libertarians. Some are leaders of the Libertarian Party of Florida, while others are small L libertarians fighting for the cause of freedom and liberty. One of those pillars of the opposition is Alexander Snitker. He recently published seven tips for political activists that are a perfect reminder during this election season.

7 Rules of Effective Activism - by Alexander Snitker

1. Have Fun: If you are not having fun you are doing it wrong and you will not be doing it for long. Make sure that you enjoy what you are doing.

2. Avoid Drama: Getting involved in politics is an eye opening experience. There are all sorts of people involved and some of these people may not be involved for the same reasons you are. The key is to find people of like mind and to avoid those who do not share your passion. You will also find people who seem to always find drama. Try to avoid those people who drag you down. 

3. Stay Focused: There is so many issues going on at the same time that it is easy to get distracted. Make sure you are constantly evaluating your activity. It is a good idea to frequently ask yourself if what you are doing is working toward your goal or wasting time. 

4. Always Find New People: People will get involved and people will stop. There are plenty of reasons why people drop out and stop being active in politics. It could be legitimate reasons involving family or they just get burned out. You want to always be looking to include new people. This will help grow your activity and help to keep others involved as well. Many hands make the work you are doing go that much faster. 

5. Use Social Media as a Compliment: Using social media is a great way for people to connect but I have found that developing a relationship offline is a key to long term involvement. It also helps in keeping those people together longer. You can host events, attend events or just meet up to have a coffee. Just make sure that you develop that personal relationship offline.

6. Use Tools To Find Like Minded People: Online tools (like Facebook) are a great way to find people. Going to other groups is another great way to find people. You can also find people in your everyday life. Use your surroundings and look for signs that others share your views. A bumper sticker on a car is a great way to find those of like mind. Look to see if someone is wearing a politically inspired clothing. Listen to the phrases someone uses. Pay attention to your surroundings and you will be surprised the clues you will find.

7. Partner With Groups of Like Mind: There are all kinds of groups and organizations out there and that is a good thing. Find those groups who share your beliefs and work with them on your shared goal. 

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