Socialists and Nationalists also on the Campaign Trail

By Mark Wachtler

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August 12, 2016 (ONN) Since America’s oligarchy includes the Democratic Party, Republican Party, news networks and media corporations, it’s never a surprise to find the rest of the country’s political parties and their candidates blacked-out of the daily news cycle. But with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump being so despised by so many voters, it has cracked the door partially open for the Libertarians’ Gary Johnson and the Greens’ Jill Stein. But there are other third party candidates as well.

If you’re politically active but not a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Green, chances are you’re either a socialist or a nationalist. And for those voters, America offers two large nationalist political parties and a whole slew of medium-sized socialist parties. They all have their own Presidential candidates, local candidates, and varying degrees of ballot access throughout the country.


Based on the last Presidential election in 2012, the Peace and Freedom Party is larger than all of America’s other socialist parties combined. And they accomplish that impressive feat while being mostly limited to one state - California. But don’t be surprised if the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) captures the top spot after the coming General Election, mostly due to their street-level activism in cities across the nation over the past couple of years.

Also don’t be surprised if America’s two largest socialist parties join forces this election season and jointly nominate the same candidate for President - Gloria La Riva. La Riva has already secured the nomination of PSL. And this weekend at the Peace and Freedom Party’s nominating convention, she will vie for the nomination of that party as well.

Two months ago, Peace and Freedom members participated in a non-binding Primary Election. With four women competing for the Party’s nomination, it was Gloria La Riva who came out on top with 49.5% of the vote. Monica Moorehead finished second with 29.7% and Lynn Kahn came in third with 20.8%. The California Secretary of State removed Green Party nominee Jill Stein from the ballot. Like La Riva and the PSL, Stein and the Greens are also hoping to run a fusion ticket with the Peace and Freedom Party.

The Socialist Party USA has also hit the campaign trail hard recently. The Party’s Presidential ticket features Emidio ‘Mimi’ Soltysik and Angela Walker for President and Vice President. SPUSA just announced it is ballot qualified in Michigan. And with recent campaign rallies in Nevada, New Jersey and Indiana, the Party is hoping to grow its voter base from the 2012 election.

The Socialist Equality Party has also joined the fray once again this year in the form of the Presidential campaign of Jerry White. White was the Party’s first-ever nominee in 1996, and again in 2008 and 2012. In past elections, SEP has had limited ballot access. The Party’s voter base has typically been in rust belt states in the Great Lakes area such as Michigan and Ohio.


The Constitution Party isn’t typically known as a nationalist political party, mostly because it’s top issues have been pro-Constitution, anti-abortion and smaller government. But with its staunch support of states rights and America first policy, the Party also falls into the nationalist column. That’s not to say the Constitution Party is on the fringe of American politics. It is the 5th largest political party in the country and often a home to disenfranchised conservatives. This year, the Constitution Party’s Presidential ticket includes Darrell Castle for President and Scott Bradley for Vice President.

The American Freedom Party is the country’s other established nationalist political party. The Party’s top issues are typically related to race and a more accurate description would be to call them racial nationalists. The AFP’s 2012 nominee Merlin Miller, the Party’s first-ever Presidential candidate, finished 7th overall. This election, the American Freedom Party’s Presidential ticket features Bob Whitaker and Tom Bowie.

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