Johnson Campaign makes first TV Ad Buy



By Mark Wachtler

Former Governors Bill Weld (L) and Gary Johnson (R), the Libertarian Party’s 2016 Presidential ticket.

September 8, 2016. Denver, CO. (ONN) A local ABC affiliate has reported that the Gary Johnson Presidential campaign is in the process of making its first TV ad buy. With only two weeks left before the first nationally televised Presidential debate, the Libertarian candidate is doing everything he can to lift his poll numbers to 15 percent so he can also participate alongside Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The Johnson campaign has already spent a reported $2 million on radio advertising. And a pro-libertarian SuperPAC called PurplePAC spent $1 million on pro-Johnson ads last month. Suggesting the PAC  was targeting both Trump and Clinton supporters, the spot aired 25 times on liberal CNN and 25 times on conservative Fox News.


The 30-second TV ad that ran on CNN and Fox News, from Purple PAC.


The latest announcement of a new TV ad campaign from the Libertarian Presidential candidate came from ABC affiliate Quoting CNN, the report says that the ad buy will not be national but instead will target independent-leaning states, mostly in the west, where Johnson’s support is strongest. The two-week ad campaign will air in the following states: Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and New Hampshire.

The new commercial features Johnson saying, “The difference between the two of us and the other candidates running for President is that we've been there.” “And done that,” follows Vice Presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld.”

The campaign commercial goes on to say, “Give us one term, America. If, after four years, you decide you don't like peace, prosperity and freedom, you can always vote a Trump or a Hillary back into office again.”

With only two weeks before the nationally televised Presidential debates, Johnson is polling an average of 10% nationally with individual polls showing him at various levels ranging from 8% to 12%. The threshold a candidate must reach to be invited to the debates is 15%. The Libertarian Party nominee has previously said that if he is not allowed to participate in the debates, his campaign is doomed.

Johnson’s campaign recently touted a Quinnipiac poll from the end of August that showed an overwhelming 62% of Americans want Gary Johnson to be allowed to participate in the nationally televised Presidential debates. Among 18-34 year-olds, an even more impressive 82% said they wanted Johnson to be invited to debate.

For more information, visit the Gary Johnson for President campaign website at


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