Greens to protest outside Debate Commission Offices today



By Mark Wachtler

Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala seen here being arrested outside the 2012 Presidential debates.

September 14, 2016. Washington, DC (ONN). With the all-important nationally televised Presidential debates only two weeks away, the Green Party is waging a full court press to get their candidate Jill Stein invited to the first debate. As things currently stand, once again only the Democrat and Republican candidates will be allowed to participate. But Greens from Washington DC and surrounding areas will be protesting today outside the offices of the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The demonstration outside the Commission’s Washington DC office is scheduled to occur from 4:30-6:30 this evening at 1200 New Hampshire Ave, NW. The effort is being organized by the Campaign for Open Debates, with additional support from the Green Party and its local chapters.

A Facebook Event page that was created for the protest announces, “The Campaign for Open Debates is holding its first protest at the deceptive 'Commission for Presidential Debates.' We are demanding that the four presidential candidates who are on the ballot line in enough states to win be included in the televised debates. The CPD is actually a front for the Democratic and Republican parties. We will continue to escalate our actions over the coming weeks. You are welcome to bring your own signs. Contact if you have questions.”

The Green Party’s national Facebook page put out the call yesterday posting, “76% of Americans support Open Debates. So why does the Commission on Presidential Debates continue to shut out voices? Come demonstrate outside of CPD headquarters in DC tomorrow. Demand they open the debates, and that the board take a public vote so we know where each board member stands. Please share this event with all your friends in the DC Metro area.”

The push to gain an invitation to the Presidential debates isn’t limited to social media. Yesterday, the Green Party national office reached out to its millions of members for assistance in exposing the exclusive debate process and urging the Commission to change its rules to invite all Presidential candidates with a mathematical chance of winning based on ballot access.

‘Believe it or not, two men - one a Democrat, the other a Republican - stand in the way of Jill Stein's participation in the Presidential Debates,’ yesterday’s Green Party announcement began, ‘I'm talking about Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., a Republican, and Michael D. McCurry, a Democrat best known as Bill Clinton's press secretary. These two men are the co-chairmen of the private Commission on Presidential Debates.’

The announcement goes on to say, ‘These two men are arguably, one of the greatest impediments to Green Party presidential ticket gaining exposure through the debates forum. They’re blocking us and marginalizing us at every turn. We’re using every tool at our disposal to force the privately-controlled Commission on Presidential Debates to include credible candidates like Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson. Why? Because it’s the biggest prize, the highest level of great press a candidate can get. It’s a complete game-changer, and the two establishment parties know it.’

In 2012, Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein attempted to attend the nationally televised debates after being excluded from participating. She and her running mate, Cheri Honkala, were arrested before they could even enter the venue.

For more information, visit the Green Party website at or the Jill Stein for President campaign at


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