Debate Commission snubs Independents, Millennials, Military



By Mark Wachtler

America wants Libertarian Gary Johnson included in the Presidential debates. Will the debate Commission listen?

September 24, 2016. Hempstead, NY (ONN) If you watch the Presidential debate Monday night, you may notice the absence of things like the truth, real issues, average Americans, common decency, and the third place candidate - Libertarian Gary Johnson. Johnson is leading in the polls among demographic groups such as independents, millennials and the military. They, along with most of America, are outraged that the Commission on Presidential Debates won’t let Gary Johnson participate.

Commission on Presidential Debates

The Commission on Presidential Debates is co-chaired by a Republican and a Democrat. That may explain why only Republican and Democratic Presidential candidates are ever allowed to participate in the all-important nationally televised debates.

Independent and third party candidates are used to being forced to collect ten-times the number ballot access petition signatures as the two establishment parties. They’re used to being left off the polls conducted by Wall Street media corporations so voters don’t even know they’re on the ballot. And they’re used to be excluded from televised debates.

Why? Because the last time the Commission on Presidential Debates allowed a third party candidate to participate, Ross Perot in 1992, America propelled him into first place immediately after the debate. Can you imagine if a Libertarian or a Green was elected President? Washington and Wall Street can. That’s why those two pillars of ‘the establishment’ will never let it happen. It’s also why Libertarian Gary Johnson, who has widespread support and is leading among a number of demographics, isn’t being allowed to debate Monday night.

Independents, Millennials and the Military

According to the polls being conducted and released on a daily basis by America’s largest news outlets, Gary Johnson is averaging 10% nationally. That’s below the 15% threshold that the debate Commission set as a requirement to participate in the debates. In 1992, Ross Perot was only polling 8% before the debate. But widespread voter and viewer demand led to his last-minute inclusion. After the debate, he skyrocketed into the lead.

This election, voters are again demanding the inclusion of a third party candidate. And they’re being led by three of the most ignored and disenfranchised demographic groups in America. Recent polls show that Libertarian Gary Johnson is in first place among Independents. He’s tied for first with Hillary Clinton among Millennials, and tied for first with Donald Trump among the military.

A quick glimpse at some of the candidates’ positions helps explain why Johnson is so popular with these three voter blocks. He supports free and fair elections that include the same ballot access criteria regardless of the candidate’s political party. Clinton and Trump support the current system that shuts out independents and third parties. Gary Johnson is anti-war. Clinton and Trump are pro-war. And Johnson supports the legalization of marijuana, while Clinton and Trump oppose it.

America demands Gary Johnson be allowed to debate

Those three voter blocks, along with the voters of 15 states who have consistently given Johnson well above the 15% threshold, are outraged that the Libertarian nominee will not be on the stage Monday night. At last check, a full 62% of voters want Gary Johnson included in the debates. And they’re not alone. The Johnson campaign has an ever-growing list of major news outlets that have called on the Commission on Presidential Debates to allow Johnson to participate.

Just a partial list includes the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New Hampshire Union Leader, Richmond Times Dispatch, Winston Salem Journal, Boston Herald, Washington Times, National Review, and Fox News Business. And it isn’t only voters and news outlets calling on the debate Commission to let Gary Johnson debate Monday night. Well known politicians and celebrities are publicly joining the chorus.

They include former debate Commission member and Governor Mitch Daniels, former RNC Chair Marc Racicot, Mitt Romney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Christie Todd Whitman, Melissa Joan Hart and many, many more.

Will the rapidly growing outrage and pressure on the Commission on Presidential Debates force the mysterious organization led by Republicans and Democrats to invite Libertarian Gary Johnson? They should, and we hope they do.

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