After Loss, McAfee slams Johnson and Libertarian Leaders

By Mark Wachtler

John McAfee says he will not support Gary Johnson for President, only Libertarian candidates for local office.

August 18, 2016. (ONN) Former Libertarian Presidential candidate and wealthy software pioneer John McAfee had some harsh words for the Party’s Presidential nominee Gary Johnson. He also let loose with a salvo of criticisms against the Libertarian Party’s national leaders. McAfee says Johnson, his Vice Presidential running mate Bill Weld, and the LP’s leadership, have all compromised so much on the issues that they are no longer libertarians.

Libertarian Presidential Primary

“Liberal Republicans”, that’s the term former Libertarian Presidential candidate John McAfee used to describe Gary Johnson, Bill Weld and Libertarian Party leaders. In a brief, spontaneous interview with our good friend Jeff 4 Justice, McAfee confirms he is not supporting Johnson for President. Instead, McAfee says he will be supporting Libertarian Party candidates running for local offices around the country.

Back in May, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was also the LP’s Presidential nominee four years ago, beat out four serious challengers for the 2016 nomination, including John McAfee. The globe-trotting millionaire software developer finished third with 131 delegates and 14.2% of the convention vote. Well known Libertarian activist Austin Petersen finished second with 197 delegates (21.3%) while Johnson won the Libertarian Party Primary with 458 delegates (49.5%).

McAfee on Libertarian Party Leaders

In an interview for the new opposition effort ‘No More 2 Party System’, Jeff 4 Justice poses the question to John McAfee, “After not getting the nomination, do you still support the Libertarian Party? Are you still interested in helping this nation move past the two party system?”

McAfee replies, “I’m definitely interested in helping it move past the two party system. What I’m doing is I’m supporting the grassroots in the Libertarian Party. I have abandoned the Libertarian Party leadership. And instead, I’m working with people running for Mayor, for State Legislature, for Dog Catcher, for Sheriff. Why? Because we can do something there.”

Not supporting Gary Johnson

When asked if he was going to endorse the Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, John McAfee responded, “I’m not endorsing Gary Johnson. Let me tell you why. I predicted what would happen. With Gary Johnson, we would compromise. And have we not? When they asked Gary Johnson in the town hall, ‘what about gun control?’ He says, ‘I think the system we have is sufficient.’ I’m going, oh my lord, please.”

McAfee also had some choice words for Johnson’s Vice Presidential running mate, former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld. He said, “Good heavens. Weld actually wants to limit the number of rounds we can put in a magazine and does not think assault rifles should be available. If the assault rifles are available to the criminals, how am I going to protect myself with a handgun?”

Libertarian In Name Only

When asked if Johnson and Weld were ‘Libertarian in name only’, John McAfee agreed. “They are definitely Libertarian in name only,” the software icon responded. He went on to say, “Bill Weld and Gary Johnson have become liberal Republicans. They have abandoned the Party and the principals we stand for. Good lord, what Libertarian is going to say, well yeah, I think we should restrict the right to own guns.”

McAfee then accused Gary Johnson of supporting the Obama gun agenda with his support of the status quo. He explained, “When Governor Johnson said, ‘yeah I think that it’s okay with the restrictions that we have’, he’s including President Obama’s illegal act of making it a crime for you or me to sell a gun to somebody else without an FFA license.”

Typically, shifting slightly to the political center is considered smart politics. There are more voters in the center than on the left or right wings. It also allows candidates to hold onto their original base while picking up additional support from center-moderate voters. The most recent polls show Libertarian Gary Johnson polling 11% (NBC News) and 10% (Pew Research) respectively.

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