June 3, 2016

PSL’s La Riva warns Clinton, Trump too similar



By Mark Wachtler

Gloria La Riva - the 2016 Presidential nominee of the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

June 3, 2016. Indianapolis, IN (ONN) The Party for Socialism and Liberation’s Presidential candidate, Gloria La Riva, is warning Democrat voters that Hillary Clinton is “a hair’s breadth of difference from Trump.” The second-time Presidential candidate is also targeting disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporters who have experienced first-hand how rigged the Democratic Party’s Primary system is.

Gloria La Riva was PSL’s 2008 Presidential nominee. She was also the Peace & Freedom Party’s candidate for California Governor in 1994 and 1998. It’s with that experience that the socialist Presidential candidate has set her sights on progressive voters who see Hillary Clinton as just another tool of America’s ruling class.

Democratic Party not the answer

Remarking on Bernie Sanders’ surprising string of victories over the establishment-backed Hillary Clinton, La Riva congratulated the Vermont Senator’s supporters for taking a stand against the Democratic Party’s rigged Primary. “We appreciate the principled stand taken by supporters of the Sanders campaign who have declared themselves to be Bernie or Bust,” the PSL Presidential nominee announced, “They are refusing the Democratic Party elite’s commands to fall in line and vote for their anointed candidate, Clinton.”

The Party for Socialism and Liberation has also warned that the Democratic Party is not the answer for disenchanted Americans seeking change. A recent statement from PSL explains, ‘The Democratic Party as an institution is not reformable. It is a ruling-class party. Sanders’ base of support was not fundamentally motivated by the idea that the Democratic Party could be an agency of change, and certainly not the agency for political revolution. On the contrary, millions of young people joined the Sanders campaign in complete defiance of the Democratic establishment, which used all its power to try and snuff out Sanders’ bid.’

Hillary Clinton is the Establishment

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, La Riva reminded voters that there is little difference between Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. Calling Hillary the ‘lesser of two evils’, the PSL Presidential nominee gave some examples of Clinton’s pro-establishment record. They include:

  • Backed key pieces of legislation that gutted welfare in 1996 and deepened poverty nationwide, intensified racist mass incarceration including the 1994 crime bill, and slandered Black and Latino youth as “super predators”

  • Voted in favor of the invasion of Iraq and backed the genocidal occupation

  • Supported the bank bailouts along with her husband Bill, another champion of Wall Street, and the two were rewarded with $11 million in 2014 and the first quarter of 2015 for 51 speeches to banks and other groups and industries. Since 2000, the couple has been paid $153 million in speaking fees

  • Was, as Secretary of State, the leading voice advocating for war on Libya, which killed thousands and resulted in the country becoming a failed state ruled by a patchwork of ultraconservative militias

  • Initiated US regime change efforts in Syria that led to a bloody and protracted civil war that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives

  • Registered a company (ZFS Holdings) at an infamous building in Delaware, where 285,000 other corporate entities — including those owned by Donald Trump! — are supposedly based in order to evade taxes on her extremely lucrative book and speaking deals

Gloria La Riva concluded her comparison of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton by reminding voters, “Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is a hair’s breadth of difference from Trump’s candidacy. They both spell more social and economic disaster for the US working class, and growing threat of war and occupation abroad.”

For more information about the La Riva for President campaign, visit GloriaLaRiva4President.com. For more information about the Party for Socialism and Liberation, visit PSLweb.org.


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