April 11, 2016

Maryland Greens letting Teens vote in Primary

By Mark Wachtler

April 11, 2016. Rockville, MD (ONN) Throughout the month of April, the Maryland Green Party will be holding a mail-in Primary Election to decide the Party’s nominees for the General Election. In a stroke of genius, state leaders have decided to let 16 and 17-year-olds not only participate in the process, but actually cast a vote in the 2016 Maryland Primary. Being the only political party to allow the teens to vote, Maryland Greens are sweeping up future voters as the other Parties close their doors to them.

Charles ‘Teddy’ Galloway, one of 3 Green Party candidates for Maryland’s US House seat in CD-8. Image courtesy of Galloway4Congress.com.


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Maryland Primary

A statement from the Green Party national office last week announced, ‘The Maryland Green Party will hold its primary during the month of April. For the first time the party will have contested primary races as it continues to grow and attract younger voters. Since Maryland only lets its two top vote getting parties on the state run ballot, the Green Party will be organizing its own statewide primary which will take place during the month of April. Any voter who is registered Green may take part. In addition, people between sixteen and eighteen, and resident non-citizens who have applied to be members of the party may vote. A ballot may be obtained at our state webpage and must be returned by April 30.’

If we understand the statement correctly, the Maryland Greens are displaying a stroke of genius by letting 16 and 17-year-olds vote in their Primary. Since caucuses and primaries are party functions and not regulated by the government, as evidenced by the rigged system in both establishment parties to stop Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump – each political party can make up its own rules to choose their nominees for November.

By letting 16 and 17-year-olds vote, the Maryland Greens give excited and energized teens the ability to participate in America’s election process. With every other political party closing its doors to the underage activists, the Green Party offers an enticing and unique opportunity to vote in the 2016 Primary, automatically making them members of the Maryland Green Party, hopefully for many years to come.

3 Greens face off for MD Congressional Seat

When US Rep Chris Van Hollen announced he was relinquishing his seat in the US House to run for the US Senate, a slew of candidates stepped forward to battle for the rare open seat. Joining 9 Democrats and 5 Republicans are 3 Green Party hopefuls who are now battling against each other for the Green nomination.

The same announcement from the Green Party national office last week also documented the Party’s contested race for Maryland’s 8th US House seat. The statement read, ‘The other contested primary race is for the Eighth Congressional District where the candidates are Nancy Wallace, Charles "Teddy" Galloway, and Elizabeth Croydon.’

A Party spokesman gave a quick summary of each of the three Green candidates, “Nancy was a lobbyist on Capitol Hill for fourteen years during which she worked on endangered species and family planning issues. She was the Sierra Club's Washington Director on International Population for five years. Teddy is a Marine Corps veteran who has a degree in global affairs. He is presently a weapons of mass destruction response and defense expert. Elizabeth is a comic/actress, published writer and award winning producer. She has appeared on The Tonight Show, Last Comic Standing, and National Lampoon's Master Debater's.”

For more information on the Maryland Green Party, visit MDGreens.org.



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