Does Trump Prove Saying “Sorry” is a Sign of Weakness?

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June 21, 2016. (ONN) The American public is all too aware that Mr. Donald Trump tends to stick his foot in his mouth more often than any other presidential candidate. But in reality does it really go against him or is it part of his political strategy to create such sensationalism that the general public stands up and takes notice. Obviously whatever the reason for his brash remarks it has been working because he could very well be the next presidential nominee.

The fact is there has never been such negative characteristics between two opposing candidates Trump and Clinton. It will boil down to one thing in the end which camp can exploit the other better and sway the voter to the side of the fence that is not quite as ugly.

It basically has voters sitting back and wondering how in the world did we get ourselves in such a mess. Of all the possible candidates we couldn’t have chosen the two most controversial choices.

Clinton has been labeled with one of the most negative perceptions of dishonesty and as a result is considered completely untrustworthy. Something that Trump will eagerly fan the fire and use as one of his biggest weapons in his arsenal.

Trump on the other hand is the complete opposite by being brutally honest. As fate would have it, it’s a perfect recipe to be pitted against Clinton as his candid honest speeches have been an extra breath of fresh air.

However, is Trump being considered because of a candidate’s total dishonest indiscretions or is it because Trump speaks the truth?

In a recent poll conducted by CNN/ORC 56% of voters’ view Trump unfavorably, while 49% have a negative view of Clinton. The negative ratings have reached historic proportions for White House nominees that has turned into one of the nastiest matches to date.

Dredging up dirt that goes back to when Bill Clinton was president and had the affair with Monica Lewinsky as well as other sexual allegations he is using every trump card in the deck.

If that wasn’t enough about the dark past, he digs up one of the most deflated conspiracy theories of the 1990’s. Vince Foster a close friend of the Clintons served as the White House legal counsel, committed suicide. According to Trump in a recent statement something is "fishy" about his death.

Voters who are tired of the “politically correct” propaganda that has been fed through every election are drawn to him. Broken promises in campaign speeches with a clenched fist of presidential nominees who wouldn’t dare point a finger.

The time is ripe for honesty and to let go of trying to be so politically correct and yes point a finger or two during a speech.

There is just one very big flaw in Trump’s character, even when he is wrong, he thinks he isn’t. Coming face to face with some of the brutal comments and statements he has made he refuses to back down.

The real strength is admitting what you have done or said was wrong and saying sorry isn’t a weakness it is purest form of straightforward honesty there is.



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