April 25, 2016

Darrell Castle wins Constitution Party Presidential Nomination

By Mark Wachtler

April 25, 2016. Salt Lake City, UT (ONN) The first of America’s ‘big five’ political parties has finalized its 2016 Presidential ticket. At its national convention last week in Salt Lake City, the Constitution Party announced the nomination of Darrell Castle for President and Scott Bradley for Vice President. Unlike 2012 where the Party chose Republican former Congressman Virgil Goode as its nominee, this time the Constitution Party selected a well known and longtime Party member.

The 2016 Constitution Party ticket will include Darrell Castle for President and Scott Bradley for VP.

Meet the candidate

Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party’s 2016 Presidential nominee, is no stranger to rank and file Party members. He was the Constitution Party Vice President candidate in 2008 alongside Presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin. Castle also served two terms as the State Chair of the Constitution Party of Tennessee and three terms as the Vice Chair of the Constitution Party National Committee. Since then, he has hosted his own newscast titled, ‘The Castle Report’.

The 67-year-old Castle currently resides in Germantown, Tennessee with his wife of 38 years, Joan. It was in Tennessee that the 2016 Presidential candidate earned his law degree back in the 1970’s. Prior to that, Darrell Castle was a US Marine fighting in the Vietnam War under then 1st Lieutenant Oliver North.

On the issues

As one might expect from the Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, Darrell Castle’s top issue is the protection and preservation of the US Constitution. “The Constitution is the charter of liberty for the American Republic. It is much more than just a piece of paper or just a legal document. It is evidence of the grand design the founders left us and it secures the rights that God granted to us,” Castle’s campaign website touts, “Adherence to the Constitution brings liberty and ignoring and denigrating it brings tyranny. That’s why my political party is the Constitution Party. It is not perfect, but it is the best there is.”

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Other issues the candidate lists as top priorities are:

  • Withdrawal from the United Nations
  • End the Federal Reserve
  • Property Rights
  • Pro Life

In his own words

In his acceptance speech, Darrell Castle told supporters, “If God raised me up and made me President of the United States, what I told the states, what I told you I would do, I will do, or die trying. So help me God.”

The Constitution Party Presidential nominee also echoes sentiments shared by many disgruntled Americans from the Republican Party, Libertarian Party and the American Freedom Party, not to mention independent voters currently leaning toward Donald Trump.

Under the title, ‘Defending Western Civilization’, Castle says, “It is the nature of the State to seek dominance over the population. Freedom will not ultimately remain intact if we leave it unattended. America needs forward thinking leaders – leaders who do not apologize to the politically correct demands of the thought police. Self-hatred and appeasement only foster more disrespect. We must find a way to chart our own course in the world as free and independent people.”

VP nominee Scott Bradley

The Constitution Party’s nominee for Vice President – Scott Bradley – is no stranger to election campaigns or longtime Party members. Bradley currently resides in Utah with his wife Tamara, the same state in which he was born and raised. The couple has five children and nine grandchildren. Today, the VP candidate is an independent business owner. But his work and education experience is as impressive as it is colorful.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree, a Masters in Public Administration degree, and a PhD in Constitutional Law. For 13 years, Scott Bradley was an executive at AT&T where he supervised national security endeavors such as the creation of a secure communications system for the Defense Dept. and NORAD.

Over the past 40 years, Bradley has held seemingly every Party leadership position from Precinct Captain to state and national Committee member. In addition, he has twice run for the US Senate. He is a published author, a radio show host, and the founder and chairman of the Constitution Commemoration Foundation.

For more information on Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley, visit their campaign website at Castle2016.com. For more information on the Constitution Party, visit ConstitutionParty.com.



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