January 15, 2016

Constitution Party Presidential Debate on February 27th

By Mark Wachtler

January 15, 2016. Boise, ID. (ONN) The Constitution Party will be holding its national nominating convention on April 13-17, 2016 in Salt Lake City. Already, there are a slew of Presidential candidates running for the Party’s official nomination. Three of those candidates have risen to the top and are waging passionate and serious campaigns for the White House. They are scheduled to debate each other in the Constitution Party’s first official Presidential debate next month in Boise.

Due to his run for Alaska Governor two years ago, JR Myers may be the frontrunner in the race for the 2016 Constitution Party Presidential nomination.


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Constitution Party Presidential Candidates

Illustrating just how popular and successful the Constitution Party has been of late, the Idaho Secretary of State and Board of Elections has published its finalized 2016 Primary ballots and only the Republican Party and the Constitution Party will be holding state-sanctioned Primary Elections there. The Democratic Party of Idaho will be holding a small, private, party function to decide its nominees for the 2016 General Election.

One political website shows a dozen candidates seeking the Constitution Party’s Presidential nomination this election cycle. Another shows even more. But only three of those candidates will be appearing on Primary ballots in states like Idaho. They’re also the same three Presidential hopefuls listed on the Opposition News 2016 Candidates List and mentioned by the Constitution Party’s national office in the latest edition of its newsletter. Those three candidates are:

Scott Copeland, Texas

JR Myers, Alaska

Patrick Ockander, Texas


Presidential Debate – February 27, 2016

The Constitution Party’s January newsletter announced, ‘Hard work and perseverance has paid off for the Constitution Party of Idaho as they have secured ballot access for three presidential candidates in the March 8th Idaho State Primary.’

The account went on to invite Constitution Party voters to submit their own questions for the Presidential debate writing, ‘Submit your Boise Debate Questions for Constitution Party Presidential Candidates! The Constitution Party of Idaho is now compiling questions from the public for our upcoming Boise Debate. Three Constitution Party presidential candidates – Scott Copeland, Patrick Ockander and JR Myers – will participate in the debate on Saturday, February 27, 2016.’

Readers can visit the Idaho Constitution Party’s website to submit their own questions for the candidates.

A separate report from DC Conservative Examiner and Crush The Duopoly founder Lori Stacey says this will be only the second time in history that Idaho will have a political party other than the Democrats or Republicans holding a state-sanctioned Primary Election. She also reminds us that while the Idaho event next month will be the first debate between the three Constitution Party Presidential candidates, the three have actually appeared together one other time - at a Florida Constitution Party meeting in December.

Stay tuned for an Opposition News feature article introducing readers to each of the Constitution Party’s Presidential candidates. For more information, visit the Constitution Party website at ConstitutionParty.com. Be sure to check out all the opposition/third party candidates running in every state for every office at the Opposition News 2016 Candidates Page.



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