February 10, 2016

America’s Party Tom Hoefling announces Presidential run

By Mark Wachtler

February 10, 2016. Sioux City, IA. (ONN) 2012 Presidential candidate Tom Hoefling announced he will again be running for US President in 2016. The founder and National Chairman of America’s Party surprised many by finishing 8th four years ago, ahead of the nominees from a host of larger opposition parties. Hoefling will again be seeking the nomination of his own America’s Party, as well as the ballot line of the American Independent Party, just as he did in 2012.

Tom Hoefling ran for President in 2012 receiving 40,609 votes.


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The candidate’s announcement began, ‘Tom Hoefling of Iowa, the founder and national chairman of America’s Party, today announced his intention to seek the office of the President of the United States in 2016.’

The statement went on to detail, ‘In 2012, Tom Hoefling was the presidential nominee of America’s Party, and was nominated and placed on the ballot by the American Independent Party of California. According to the official tally of the Federal Elections Commission, Tom finished eighth in the 2012 general election. It is believed by the Hoefling campaign that if all of the write-in ballots in the various states had been tallied, he would have placed higher.’

Hoefling confirms he will once again seek the nominations of America’s Party and the American Independent Party. He will also seek the nomination of additional opposition parties. In states where he cannot be listed on any party ballot line, he will run as an independent.

“I’m sick and tired of the morally-corrupt Democrats, who have turned into Socialists, and the unprincipled, do-nothing Republicans, who have turned into Democrats,” Tom Hoefling stated when announcing his candidacy for President, “I’m tired of seeing our politics dominated by the money men, the media people, and the political consultants. It’s time for decent, patriotic Americans to band together around our country’s historic moral, constitutional principles and take our country back; not for the sake of any political party or political personality, but for the sake of our children and grandchildren.”

In concluding his campaign announcement, Tom Hoefling lists off some of his most important issues, “I’m in this arena because it’s obvious that no one else is truly willing to lead the fight for equal protection for the unborn babies – all of the babies – for one-man, one-woman marriage, for judges who are kept within their proper authority and jurisdiction, for our God-given right to keep and bear arms, for our national sovereignty, security, and borders, and for the restoration and preservation of our constitutional form of republican self-government.”

For more information, visit the America’s Party website. Be sure to check out all the opposition/third party candidates running for office in 2016, in every state and every party, on the Opposition News 2016 Candidates Page.


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