October 21, 2015

Opposition News holding first ever Fundraiser

By Mark Wachtler

October 21, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) Opposition News has been publishing for three years now and we’ve never asked for donations before. Unlike the PAC’s and political organizations funded with tens of millions of dollars by secret donors specifically to help the two establishment parties, opposition publications like Opposition News are only supported by the small individual contributions of our readers. And for the first time ever, we’re asking you for your help.

After three years, Opposition News is holding its first-ever fundraiser. Any donation of any size is truly appreciated.

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Opposition News proudly touts itself as ‘The Voice of America’s Political Opposition’. And that includes independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionals, Veterans, Justice Party, Family Party, PSL, Working Families, American Freedom, Reform, SPUSA, Independent American, and a host of smaller political parties most voters have never heard of. And that’s the mission of Opposition News - to bypass the censored, blacked-out reporting of the corporate news industry and introduce opposition candidates from our various parties to the American people.

If you’re a Republican or Democrat, you are part of the establishment. If you’re a Libertarian, Green, Constitutional or any of the above-listed parties, you’re with the opposition. In fact, we resent the term ‘third party’. Don’t let the Wall Street media corporations - wholly owned and dominated by Democrats and Republicans - degrade us into accepting the notion that we’re third-tier or third-rate.

Our candidates finish second in many races, and hundreds of our candidates actually win during each election cycle. That makes us first-tier parties. In every other country around the world, we would be called ‘the political opposition’ - equal to or better than the establishment. Here in America however, we’re constantly referred to as third-class citizens - unknown, unqualified and unelectable. But we know that’s not true. Collectively with all our supporters, precinct workers and elected officials - from the left right and center - we are the opposition!

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Opposition News is a grassroots, independent news outlet supported by its readers and subscribers. Any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Opposition News has never asked for donations before. But after three years and ever-growing costs associated with publishing and hosting the website, we felt it was time to reach out to our loyal readers and subscribers and ask for a small contribution to help us in our efforts. The below list will remind readers of just some of the opposition candidates we’ve covered and written about over the last three years. And usually, we’re the only news outlet in America that covers them.

These are the opposition candidates we covered at Opposition News, and who WON their elections:

Cecil Ince – Libertarian (TX)

Cam Gordon – Green (MN)

Brian Cummins – Green (OH)

Walter Reynolds – Libertarian (GA)

Shawn Felty – Libertarian (PA)

Karen Richardson – Libertarian (GA)

Erwin Haas – Libertarian (MI)

Andy LeCureaux – Libertarian (MI)

Andy Edmonds – Libertarian (PA)

Matt Schutter – Libertarian (PA)

Roger Fritz – Libertarian (IA)

Kshama Sawant – Socialist Alternative (WA)

Gayle McLaughlin – Green (CA)

Bruce Delgado – Green (CA)

Paul Pitino – Green (CA)

Deborah Heathersone – Green (CA)

John Keener – Green (CA)

Michael Beilstein – Green (OR)

Matt Donohue  - Green (OR)

Wang Hao-yu – Green (Taiwan)

Jay Chou – Green (Taiwan)

Randy Fontenot – Constitution (LA)

Michael Hart – Veterans (OK)

Peter Schwartzman – Green (IL)

Steve Alesch – Green (IL)

Adrian Frost – Green (IL)

These are the 166 opposition candidates we covered at Opposition News who ran a tough and passionate race, but fell short of victory:

J.P. Raley – Libertarian (TX)

Paula Bradshaw – Green (IL)

Cindy Sheehan – Peace & Freedom (CA)

Nancy Wade – Green (IL)

Lucas Overby – Libertarian (FL)

J.L. Mealer – independent (AZ)

Julie Fox – Libertarian (IL)

Laura Wells – Green – (CA)

John Daniel – Libertarian (DC)

Martin Moulton – Libertarian (DC)

Sara Jane Panfil – Libertarian (DC)

Bruce Majors – Libertarian (DC)

Ryan Sabot – Libertarian (DC)

Pranav Bradhwar – Libertarian (DC)

Frederick Steiner – Libertarian (DC)

Adrian Wyllie – Libertarian (FL)

Bill Wohlsifer – Libertarian (FL)

Gigi Bowman – Libertarian (NY)

Theo Welton  - Green (ME)

Alice Knapp – Green (ME)

Fred Horch – Green (ME)

Asher Platts – Green (ME)

Dani Unterriener – Green (ME)

Mark Diehl – Green (ME)

Mike Wakefield – Green (ME)

Dawn Eve York – Green (ME)

Sam Chandler – Green (ME)

Jack Safarick – Green (ME)

Tom MacMillan – Green (ME)

Ben Schattenburg – Green (ME)

Daniel Stromgren – Green (ME)

Lisa Willey – Green (ME)

Paige Brown – Green (ME)

Alan Reynolds – Reform (CA)

Chad Grimm – Libertarian (IL)

Alex Cummings – Libertarian (IL)

Ben W. Koyl – Libertarian (IL)

Chris Michel – Libertarian (IL)

Matthew Skopek – Libertarian (IL)

Sharon Hansen – Libertarian (IL)

Ryan DeBoer – Libertarian (IL)

Jonathan Parker – Libertarian (IL)

Richard A. Clark – Libertarian (IL)

Frederick White – independent (IL)

Scott Summers – Green (IL)

Bob Pritchett – Green (IL)

Omar Lopez – Green (IL)

David Black – Green (IL)

Sheldon Schafer – Green (IL)

Tim Curtin – Green (IL)

Jeff Becker – Constitution (WV)

Bernie Sanders – independent (National)

Roger Roots – Libertarian (MT)

Matt Funiciello – Green (NY)

Emily Sanchez – Green (TX)

Brandon Parmer – Green (TX)

Chandrakantha Courtney – Green (TX)

Jamar Osborne – Green (TX)

Deb Shafto – Green (TX)

Kenneth Kendrick – Green (TX)

Martina Salinas – Green (TX)

Charles E. Waterbury – Green (TX)

Jim Chisolm – Green (TX)

Judtih Sanders-Castro – Green (TX)

George Joseph Altgelt – Green (TX)

Mark Roberts – Green (TX)

Paul Blair – Green (TX)

Don Cook – Green (TX)

Remington Alessi – Green (TX)

Antonio Diaz – Green (TX)

Michael D. Cary – Green (TX)

Kat Swift – Green (TX)

Hal J. Ridley, Jr – Green (TX)

John Tunmire – Green (TX)

David Courtney – Green (TX)

Niclolas Serna III – Green (TX)

Braeden Wright – Green (TX)

Marco Buentello – Green (TX)

Art Browning – Green (TX)

Morgan Bradford – Green (TX)

Paul Pipkin – Green (TX)

David B. Collins – Green (TX)

Frank Cortez – Green (TX)

Earl Lyons – Green (TX)

Matthew Hanson – Green (TX)

Bill Stout – Green (TX)

Schyler Butler – Green (TX)

Clint Davidson – Green (TX)

Chuck Robinson – Green (TX)

Luis F. Decker – Green (TX)

Jesus Quiroz – Green (TX)

Diana D. Kendall – Green (TX)

William "Willie" Koehn – Green (TX)

Lakshmana "Vish" Viswanath – Green (TX)

Aaron Renaud – Green (TX)

Valerie Alessi – Green (TX)

Paul Ingmundson – Green (TX)

Matthew Lerma – Green (TX)

Randall Batson – Libertarian (KS)

Greg Orman – independent (KS)

Julie Samuels – Green (IL)

Howie Hawkins – Green (NY)

David Lory VanDerBeek – Constitution (NV)

Sean Haugh – Libertarian (NC)

Donna Mulvihill – Constitution (NY)

Chris Wahmhoff – Green (MI)

Gregg Norris – Libertarian (OH)

Andy Dawkins – Green (MN)

Blaine Richardson – Veterans (ME)

Jennifer Young – Constitution (WY)

Heather Johnson – Libertarian (MN)

Bob Henry Baber – Green (WV)

Ed Rabel – Green (WV)

Jesse Johnson – Green (WV)

Dr. Mark Myers – Green (WV)

Danny Ray Cooke – Green (WV)

Karen White – Green (WV)

Tighe Bullock – Green (WV)

Daniel Lutz – Green (WV)

Mike Manypenny – Green (WV)

Sally Shepherd – Green (WV)

Mike Pushkin – Green (WV)

Dianna Strickland – Green (WV)

Adam Shbeita – Peace and Freedom (CA)

Howard Johnson – Peace and Freedom (CA)

Nathalie Hrizi – Peace and Freedom (CA)

Jason Lowenthal – Green (MA)

Danny Factor – Green (MA)

Ian Jackson – Green (MA)

M K Merelice – Green (MA)

Phil Hudok – Constitution (WV)

Jeffrey Frank Jarrell – Constitution (WV)

Mike Fisher – Constitution (WV)

Jesse Ventura – independent (national)

Pam Goode – Constitution (AK)

David Luntz – Constitution (AK)

Phil Collins – Constitution (IL)

Rich Ryskamp – Constitution (MI)

Mary Starrett – Constitution (OR)

Bob Goodrich – Constitution (PA)

James N. Clymer – Constitution (PA)

Bryce Hamilton – Constitution (UT)

Steven W. Johnson – Constitution (UT)

AJ Burton – Constitution (WA)

J.R. Myers – Constitution (AK)

William Henry Jones - Green (VA)

Joe Morrissey – Green (VA)

Alberto Bocanegra – Green (IL)

John Beacham – PSL (IL)

Andy Craig – Libertarian (WI)

Jill Stein – Green (national)

Ron Huber – Green (ME)

Shawn Levasseur – Libertarian (ME)

Samba Baldeh – Green (WI)

Rebecca Kemble – Green (WI)

Ledell Zellers – Green (WI)

Marsha Rummel – Green (WI)

Steve Arnold – Green (WI)

Michael Childers – Green (WI)

Jake Johnson – Green (WI)

Mario Jimenez – Family (FL)

Chris Keniston – Veterans (national)

Deacon Taylor – Veterans (national)

Gloria La Riva – PSL (national)

Eugene Puryear – PSL (national)

Joe Haynes – Libertarian (FL)

If your name is listed above, or if your Party is represented above, please consider making a small contribution at this time to help us continue our efforts - Donate Here.

Again, this isn’t a list of opposition party candidates that have run for office over the past two and a half years. It is a list of all the opposition party candidates that have run for office and were covered, promoted and reported on by Opposition News. Often, we were the only media outlet that did so. And just as often, our articles are republished by wonderful opposition news sites like Independent Political Report, Ballot Access News and Crush the Duopoly.

As your humble author/editor likes to say, “The establishment has 500 corporate-owned news outlets. The opposition has 50,000 blogs and independent news sites. And when it comes to independent and third party politics, Opposition News is #1. We’re the only website in the world that streams the news and announcements 24/7 on our Home Page directly from America’s 13 largest opposition parties. You won’t find that anywhere else.

And your email addresses are considered private and protected and never for rent or sale. As our privacy policy proudly reads, ‘They can have your personal information when they pry it from our cold dead hands.’ You’ll never receive a ‘sponsored email’ from Opposition News. And you’ll never see a single pop-up window or self-playing video - the ways other websites generate income. No, we at Opposition News hate those and we know you do too.

That’s why, for the first time in our three-year existence, we’re asking our readers, subscribers and supporters to make a small donation to help us continue to publish Opposition News. If you can spare a small contribution at this time, it would be sincerely appreciated. And if anyone has a commercial grade video camera they’d like to donate to us, we can’t wait to turn Opposition News into a fully functioning Opposition News Network (ONN). With your help, we can do that, and so much more!

Donate Here

Thank you and as always, stay strong and stay safe. And thanks for reading Opposition News!

Kindest regards,

Mark Wachtler

Author/Editor/Owner – Opposition News

Voice of America’s political opposition!



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