November 18, 2015

Opposition News gets ZERO Donations from Fundraiser

By Mark Wachtler

November 18, 2015. Chicago. (ONN) Three weeks ago, the three news outlets that make up the Opposition News Network (ONN) announced their first-ever fundraiser. As a grassroots, independent publisher, ONN outlets are not funded by anyone but their readers and subscribers. And in the case of Opposition News, the publication apparently isn’t funded by anyone, literally. The site that exclusively covers and promotes independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionals, Veterans, and the rest of America’s political opposition didn’t receive a single donation in its first-ever fundraiser.

One of the beliefs that unites America’s entire political opposition. Support America’s political opposition – support Opposition News!


Opposition News is a grassroots, independent news outlet supported by its readers and subscribers. Any contribution you can make would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

‘Opposition News has been publishing for three years now and we’ve never asked for donations before,’ the fundraising announcement began three weeks ago, ‘Unlike the PAC’s and political organizations funded with tens of millions of dollars by secret donors specifically to help the two establishment parties, opposition publications like Opposition News are only supported by the small individual contributions of our readers. And for the first time ever, we’re asking you for your help.’

Fundraising results

We’re not surprised by much these days. But the absence of a single donation to Opposition News during our first-ever fundraiser was a rare exception. Thankfully, the other two news outlets that make up the Opposition News Network (ONN) received a handful of heartfelt small donations to help keep the doors open and the presses running.

Here is a brief recap of the total donations received by ONN’s three grassroots outlets:

Whiteout Press - $70 (from 5 separate contributions)

Opposition News - $0

Illinois Herald - $170 (from 4 separate contributions)


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Don’t get us wrong, we’re eternally grateful for the help, contributions and kind words we received during our first-ever fundraiser. Surprisingly, the local Illinois Herald – with the smallest subscriber base and circulation – received the most support. That proves the old sentiment that ‘all politics is local’.

It also reaffirms something we’ve said since the beginning here at ONN – you can’t make social or political change by targeting the top of the oligarchy-establishment. Our Illinois Herald outlet is in the streets and in the precincts helping those activists trying to change things for the better.

For its part, Opposition News has been publishing for three years and we’ve never held a fundraiser before. Over those three-plus years, we’ve written about and promoted 192 opposition election candidates. 26 of those candidates actually WON their races. We sincerely congratulate them and hope we were a small ingredient in their success.

The above candidates we’ve helped were from the following political parties:


Libertarian Party

Green Party

Constitution Party

Veterans Party

Socialist Alternative Party

Peace and Freedom Party

Party for Socialism and Liberation

American Freedom Party

Justice Party

And don’t forget, Opposition News is the only news outlet in the world that streams the news and announcements from America’s 13 largest opposition political parties live 24/7 on our Home Page! Looking for news about the next American political revolution? Just go to

Final appeal

With our first-ever fundraiser now over, Opposition News is asking readers one last time to make a small contribution to help us continue publishing, and more importantly, breaking the media black-out of America’s opposition political parties and their candidates. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. And Thanks for reading Opposition News.

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Kindest regards,

Opposition News

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