October 11, 2015

Libertarian PAC endorses its first Candidate

By Mark Wachtler

October 11, 2015. Seminole, FL. (ONN) When the Supreme Court legalized secret corporate, union and foreign intervention in US elections with its Citizens United decision, the Super PAC was born. Since then, millionaires, billionaires, corporations and even ruthless foreign dictatorships have been funding Republican and Democrat campaigns. But Florida Libertarians decided to fight fire with fire. They launched the Florida Libertarian PAC and have officially endorsed their first election candidate.

Joe Haynes, candidate for Seminole, Florida City Council.


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Joe Haynes for City Council (Seminole, FL)

‘The Florida Libertarian PAC has endorsed its first candidate,’ a recent announcement from the Political Action Committee touted, ‘Joe Haynes - candidate for Seminole City Council. This race will be held on Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 in Pinellas County. Joe Haynes has been an active member of the Libertarian Party of Pinellas, he serves as the Chairman of the Charter Review Board for the City of Seminole and is the governor of his local Toastmaster organization.’

A separate announcement from the Florida Libertarian PAC website explains, ‘Joe Haynes, a pediatric pharmacist at All Children’s Hospital, has been an active member within the City of Seminole serving as chairman of the charter review board. A former columnist for the Tampa Bay Sun, he has shown a commitment to the community that we feel will be an asset to the City of Seminole City Council.’

Based on Joe Haynes’ campaign website, the candidate is taking this race seriously. He’s attending candidate debates and forums. He has a team of volunteers and precinct workers blitzing voters’ homes with campaign literature. And he’s garnered the endorsement of two prominent libertarian organizations - the Libertarian Party of Pinellas County and the Florida Libertarian PAC.

On the Issues

Regarding platform positions, Haynes’ policy stances range from supporting the nationwide issue of term limits to his support for bike lanes on the streets of Seminole on the local level. His number one priority however is taxes and spending.

Joe Haynes explains, “I encourage everyone to visit the myseminole.com website and read the budget. This is your money being spent and you should know where it is going. The current Council and City Manager have over the years, done a spectacular job of keeping local taxes to a bare minimum. I will continue down that path with the hopes of finding some spending we can do without.”

He is also running on the pledge to review a number of shadowy taxes that are built into residents’ cell phone bills and a promise to follow his own term limits position and only serve for three terms on the Seminole City Council. After that, he will step down. His goals appear to be attracting small businesses to the city and giving more money and political power back to the citizens and voters of Seminole, Florida.

The November 3, 2015 election is non-partisan. But City Council candidate Joe Haynes makes no secret of where his political loyalties are. His campaign website is wrapped in the yellow and blue of the Libertarian Party and he proudly touts his membership in the local Pinellas County Libertarian Party. Illustrating his knack for connecting with disgruntled voters from all political persuasions, much of Haynes’ materials and media coverage refer to him as an ‘independent’.

Florida Libertarian PAC

‘It’s official. The Florida Libertarian PAC has started,’ the PAC’s website declares,For many years, Libertarian candidates have been up against the political machines of the two major parties. It is time we started our own machine.’

Florida Libertarian PAC Chairman Alexander Snitker explains further saying, “You, more than most, know what Libertarians are up against in elections. It’s time to start building a large and reliable base of registered Libertarians and Libertarian voters in Florida to compete. In order to do that we need our own PAC to help support principled and professional candidates at all levels. We need to have the opportunity to raise money year round to have the tools in place in the short time that it will count the most.”

In the PAC’s endorsement of Joe Haynes for Seminole City Council - the first endorsement made by the young libertarian Super PAC - Snitker says of the candidate, “I personally believe that Joe Haynes will work hard for the people of Seminole and be consistent on making it a better community. This is why I am proud to endorse him for this endeavor.”

In the precincts

In a separate email to Libertarian PAC members and supporters, the Super PAC’s Chairman gives a few examples of how they plan to help Haynes in his local run for City Council. “We are looking for help from supporters around the state to help secure a much anticipated win for Joe Haynes,” Alexander Snitker tells Florida Libertarians, “He is a great candidate in a local race and that is exactly where our focus should be this election cycle.”

Snitker goes on to explain, “Our plan is to send out at least two mailers in the area and orchestrate a robo-call to remind voters to get to the polls and provide ground teams or phone banking support. The projected budget of $5,000 will provide all of these services. Joe Haynes is a dedicated Libertarian and with your support can be added to the names of Libertarians holding office around the state. Will you help secure a win?”

For more information on the Libertarian PAC, visit FloridaLibertarianPAC.com. For more information on candidate Joe Haynes, visit his campaign website.



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