October 26, 2015

Green Senate Candidate arrested protesting in Congress

By Mark Wachtler

October 26, 2015. Baltimore, MD. (ONN) The Green Party candidate for Maryland’s US Senate seat has made national headlines this month and is positioning herself for a legitimate chance in next year’s General Election. Margaret Flowers was arrested while protesting the US Afghan bombing campaign in Sen. John McCain’s Senate Committee hearing. And the following day, her potential Democratic opponent in November agreed to include the Maryland Green in the US Senate debates.

Margaret Flowers, Green Party candidate for Maryland’s US Senate seat. Image courtesy of BillMoyers.com.


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Flowers for US Senate

Margaret Flowers - Green Party candidate for Maryland’s US Senate seat - isn’t waiting for the Primary to be over to begin her campaign for the 2016 race. While the frontrunner in the polls - Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) - hasn’t even declared his candidacy yet, the Greens’ Flowers is already running against him and the other handful of declared candidates.

Earlier this month, Flowers appeared with Green Party 2012 Presidential nominee Jill Stein to announce her petition asking to be included in Maryland’s Senate debates when the General Election kicks off next year. Current US Senator Barbara Mikulski has announced her retirement. On a related note, Dr. Jill Stein is again seeking the Green Party nomination for President in 2016.

The Green US Senate candidate took advantage of the spotlight saying, “When the time comes, I expect to be on stage with the Democratic and Republican nominees for US Senate, along with every candidate who will be on the ballot in November of 2016. Marylanders deserve to hear from an independent voice talking about the issues they care about. We will be at events across the state for over the next year circulating this petition and telling voters about my solutions to inequality, corruption and corporate greed.”

Flowers arrested at the Capitol

One week later, Margaret Flowers was in the US Capitol in Washington protesting the recent errant US bombing campaign in Afghanistan. Seated inside a Senate Committee hearing chaired by US Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), the Green Party candidate joined members of Code Pink with posters reading, ‘Bombing hospitals is a war crime.’

“I got arrested yesterday,” Flowers said in a statement to supporters, “I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that I'm free and back to work…I went to the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing to help deliver a simple message: bombing hospitals is a violation of international law. I didn't intend to go to jail. But I was ordered arrested by Senator John McCain as he started to bring the hearing to order. I guess I struck a nerve.”

Speaking of the recent US bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, the Green US Senate candidate explained, “As a practicing physician, when a bad outcome occurred, I worked to find out why and how similar outcomes could be prevented in the future. To me, this is the responsible course of action. Rather than shirk responsibility, we must demand that the US military do the same. I ask you to join me in supporting MSF’s call for an independent investigation.”

Flowers went on to say, “I ask for your continued support as I seek to bring unending accountability to the United States Senate. The people of the world need to know what the US military is doing overseas and the people of the United States need to know what is being done in our name so we can demand a more transparent, accountable and diplomatic foreign policy that respects human rights.”

Positioning for televised debate inclusion

Margaret Flowers isn’t relying on her petition asking to be included in the televised campaign debates, or the notoriety that comes with getting arrested inside Congress. She’s also locking in pledges from her potential opponents to include the Green Party’s nominee in the coming series of debates. Currently, there are only two other declared candidates and both are Democrats who must face each other in the Primary first. There are no declared Republicans in the race yet.

US Rep Donna Edwards (D-MD) agreed to include the Green candidate in the debates saying, “Far be it for me to exclude anyone, anyone who is running to make sure that they get to communicate their views to the voters.” The other declared candidate, US Rep Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), hasn’t commented on the question yet. And the frontrunner in the race for the Democrat nomination, US Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD), hasn’t even announced his candidacy.

The most recent poll dated October 11th shows Cummings with a large lead at 33%. Edwards and Van Hollen each garnered 20%. Based on early endorsements, it appears Edwards has the support of organized labor unions while Van Hollen has the state Party apparatus on his side, and Cummings enjoys the support of the Washington elites.

About Margaret Flowers

According to her campaign website, Margaret Flowers is a pediatrician and the mother of three. She is also the co-editor of the grassroots news outlet Popular Resistance. As if all of that weren’t enough, the Green US Senate candidate also co-hosts Clearing The Fog Radio on AM 1480 Washington. And she has appeared on Bill Moyers Journal, Democracy Now, and Fox Business News.

Most recently, Flowers has been out protesting the secret global trade deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The agreement was just finalized by each nation’s trade rep. “This does not mean the TPP is a done deal,” she tells supporters, “The next hurdle for this rigged corporate power grab is to convince the participating governments, including Congress, to ratify it. In the United States, the trade justice movement can stop the TPP and its accompanying agreements TTIP and TiSA. The Flowers for Senate campaign is proud to be a part of that broad and diverse movement.”

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