November 12, 2015

45 Green and Libertarian Candidates won last week

By Mark Wachtler

November 12, 2015. Claypool, IN. (ONN) It was a victorious off-year General Election last week for the Libertarian Party and the Green Party. Both parties surprised political onlookers, and possibly even themselves, by watching 45 of their candidates successfully elected to office on November 3rd. Libertarians saw 25 of their candidates win, while the Greens watched 20 of theirs bring home election night victories. Equally impressive is the percentage of races each Party won.

Melinda Bradley Mitchell fell only 6 votes short of winning the race for Mayor of Newburgh, IN. She could bring the LP’s winning total to 26 after a recount.


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Election night victory

The Libertarian Party and the Green Party each ran just over 100 candidates in the 2015 General Election last week. That means the Libertarians won in just under 25 percent of the races their candidates ran in. And the Greens won in just under 20 percent of the races they had candidates in.

Not long ago, opposition parties like the Libertarians and Greens would be lucky to elect one or two of their candidates in a nationwide General Election. But these days, in one state after another across America, voters are showing they are frustrated with the two establishment parties and willing to vote for alternative party candidates.

Libertarians win

Before election night was over last week, Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania State Chairman Shawn Felty couldn’t contain his excitement and released a statement reading in part, “Our candidates spread the message of lower taxes, limited government and freedom across our great state and, while results are still coming in, at least five of our candidates did what just a few years ago would have been unthinkable - they won!”

Felty went on to remind voters of the universal battle cry of America’s entire opposition, that the lesser of two evils is still evil. He explained, “Some people may say that unless you vote for a candidate from one of the old parties, you’re tossing your vote away. We disagree. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still, after all, voting for evil. But a vote for liberty, a vote for limited government, lower taxes and personal responsibility, is never wasted.”

While the Pennsylvania Libertarians had plenty to celebrate, the state wasn’t even the most successful for the nation’s third-largest political party. That honor belongs to the Libertarian Party of Indiana. The state affiliate saw 6 of its candidates elected to office last week. They include four City Council seats, a City Clerk-Treasurer, and a Judgeship. In all, Libertarian candidates won in 8 different states including; Alaska, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Washington State.

View vote totals for all of the Libertarian Party’s 2015 General Election candidates at the LP’s Election Results webpage.

Greens win

“Last week, 20 Green candidates across the country were elected to public office!” a Green Party announcement two days ago began, “Over one hundred Greens ran in local and state elections, including activists from the Black Lives Matter movement, who see the Green Party as the electoral arm of the struggle for social justice.”

The Party statement went on to congratulate winning Green candidates from California, Maine and Connecticut. By the time the votes were official, Green Party candidates won in 9 different states last week including; California, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Maine, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Illustrating just how successful the GP was in the 2015 General Election, in California 12 of the 15 Green candidates won. In Wisconsin, 3 out of the 4 GP candidates were victorious. And in Virginia, 3 out of their 5 total candidates won. That’s an impressive ratio of victories versus total races for the country’s fourth-largest political party.

A separate announcement from the Green Party on Election night while results were still coming in read, ‘Green incumbent Renee Goddard was reelected to the Fairfax Town Council in California. Ms. Goddard rejoins fellow Green John Reed on the five-member Council, where Greens have held at least two seats on the five-member Town Council since 2003, with a majority between 2009 and 2013.’

The statement went on to tout the Green Party’s candidates from Black Lives Matter, ‘Two Black Lives Matter activists ran strong Green campaigns in St. Paul, Minnesota, that drew national Green enthusiasm: Trahern King Ausar for City Council and Rashad Turner for School Board. Neither were elected, but Green Party leaders expressed hope that they will run again.’

View the Green Party’s entire 2015 General Election vote results at the GP’s Election Results page.

For more information on the Libertarian Party, visit For more information on the Green Party, visit And don’t forget, readers can catch all the news and announcements from all 13 of America’s largest opposition parties streaming live at

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