July 16, 2015

Veterans Party now in all 50 States

By Mark Wachtler

July 16, 2015. Salt Lake City, UT. (ONN) According to social media traffic statistics provided by Facebook, the Veterans Party of America is not only the fastest growing political party in the US, it’s also the most active, at least on social media. And while Facebook metrics don’t win elections, another VPA milestone suggests the growth and popularity is very real. The Veterans Party, after only 16 months in existence, has just opened its 50th state affiliate. The VPA now has an official chapter in every state in the nation.

Social media stats suggest the Veterans Party of America is still the fastest growing political party in the US. Image courtesy of the Veterans Party of America.


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VPA chapters in all 50 states

“On April 30th, the Veterans Party of America activated the Utah Veterans Party,” a statement from the VPA celebrated, “We have now activated a Party in all 50 states, after only 16 months as a political party.” Veterans Party national Chair Mark Wilder tells Opposition News that his number one goal at the moment is to maintain the VPA’s status as, ‘the fastest growing political party in America.’

“What’s next for the VPA?” Wilder rhetorically asked Veterans Party supporters across the country recently. Answering his own question, the VPA Chair said the Party’s goal now was to assist state chapters in becoming completely open and functioning. That includes having all statewide leadership positions filled and the state Party officially recognized and registered as a non-profit political party.

“We’re always on the move,” Mark Wilder assured fellow VPA members when announcing the milestone, “This is only possible due to the hard work of all of you. Please, keep sharing us and growing the Party!”

VPA’s Facebook statistics

Another milestone the Veterans Party recently celebrated was the confirmation by Facebook that the VPA is the most active political party in America on social media. And that includes the Democrats and Republicans. That’s quite a feat since both establishment Parties are currently in the middle of contested Presidential Primaries.

“The Veterans Party of America is about to hit 30,000 any moment now,” Mark Wilder announced one month ago, speaking of Facebook ‘Likes’ on the Veterans Party of America Facebook page, “Here is how we stack up from the parties we are watching.” The VPA national Chair went on to include a chart showing Facebook activity by Party.

Delving into the statistics

Three observations immediately jump out from the list. First, the Republicans are twice as active and popular on social media as the Democrats. Second, the Libertarians are twice as active and popular on social media as the Greens. Third, the Reform Party, Socialist Party USA, and the Peace & Freedom Party are basically inactive. And the most surprising statistic of all - the Veterans Party of America is the most active of any Party in America, including the two establishment Parties.

In the time since the Veterans Party released its announcement regarding its surpassing 30,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ - a little more than a month ago - the VPA has passed 33,000 ‘Likes’. That translates into almost 100 new Facebook ‘Likes’ per day, every day. The Veterans Party ranks 5th among all US political parties when measured by Facebook members. But the ‘activity’ numbers put the VPA at number one.

According to the stats from Facebook, VPA members posted 32 times in that particular week. Coming in second was the GOP with 28 posts. Third was the Libertarian Party with 21. The Democrats and the Constitution Party tied for fourth with 16 weekly posts to each of their Party Facebook pages.

2016 candidates

While the Veterans Party wasn’t created in time to run any official candidates in 2014, or for President in 2012 for that matter, that definitely won’t be the case in 2016. “Are you ready to be the one to make the change in our nation?” a VPA announcement asks supporters, “We need candidates to fill the pool for our plan in 2016. There will be local, state, and national races that we will have a need for candidates. Join the Candidate Group if you are ready to serve your country in office.”

Based on the response by Veterans Party members, the VPA will have a host of candidates on the ballot next year. So far, 251 individuals have added their names to the list of people interested in running for office in 2016 under the Veterans Party of America ballot line. One VPA member, Deacon Taylor, explained why so many potential candidates are walking away from the two establishment Parties.

“So far, every candidate that I've seen join the two party system while attempting to change them has in the end become the very thing they stood against,” Taylor says, echoing the sentiment of many American voters today, “The old slippery slope concept comes to mind…So the only logical solution is to work with people that have proven to put the Constitution first. The revolution has begun and we will give this nation back to the people.”

For more information, visit VeteransPartyOfAmerica.org or visit the VPA Facebook Page.


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