September 29, 2015

Constitution Party takes stand against Illegal Immigration

By Mark Wachtler

September 29, 2015. Little Rock, AR. (ONN) The Constitution Party is finding success with its Voter ’16 Project. And some of the Party’s newfound popularity is coming from its staunch position against illegal immigration. Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the top of the GOP race while only declaring a stance on one single issue - illegal immigration - shows that the problem is at the forefront of voters’ minds. With the Greens, Libertarians, Dems and GOP on the other side of the issue, the CP stands to gain.

The Constitution Party is using banners, brochures and handouts to spread the Party’s message on the precinct level.


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Illegal Immigration

The Constitution Party began its latest announcement by taking on the hot subject of illegal immigration. ‘The voters have long been frustrated, even frightened, by the illegal alien invasion, and well they should be,’ National Chair Frank Fluckiger wrote, ‘Former  Congressman Tom Tancredo just reported that "between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens; in New York it was 34% as was California and Texas. Every state has a serious crime rate due to illegal aliens."’

The September edition of the Party’s newsletter explained in further detail by quoting America’s founding fathers on the topic of immigration, ‘George Washington felt that immigration should be limited to “useful mechanics and some particular descriptions of men or professions.”’ Other quotes came from Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton and Teddy Roosevelt.

The piece concluded by quoting James Madison saying, “It is no doubt very desirable that we should hold out as many inducements as possible for the worthy part of mankind to come and settle amongst us, and throw their fortunes into a common lot with ours. But why is this desirable? Not merely to swell the catalogue of people. No, sir, it is to increase the wealth and strength of the community.”

‘What binds these observations together is a policy of welcoming to our shores people of skill, faithfulness to the hard fought vision and mission of United States, and a loyalty that will make them Americans first and foremost,’ the Party newsletter reads, ‘That’s what the Constitution Party is all about: patriotism to America and our way of life no matter where you came from…legally.’

Voter ’16 Project

The Constitution Party’s Voter ’16 Project appears to be finding success early on. A recent announcement to members touted, ‘The Arkansas Constitution Party has just been notified that it has submitted the required signatures to be on the ballot in 2016. The initial goal of the Voter ’16 Project was to reach 10 million people. Arkansas just took 3 million Americans off that figure.’

In Pennsylvania, the courts recently sided with the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the state’s un-Constitutional ballot access laws. The Constitution Party was the plaintiff in the case along with the Greens and Libertarians. CP National Chair Frank Fluckiger explained, “The Court determined that Pennsylvania’s system of charging enormous court costs against petitioning candidates and parties violates the US Constitution.”

Aiding the Constitution Party’s effort to get its candidates on more state ballots in 2016, the Party has also filed suit against the state of South Dakota over its deadline for minor parties to submit ballot access petitions. And in Alaska, a stronghold of the Party, its state affiliate has just submitted 150% of the total required signatures to insure the CP appears on the 2016 ballot there.

New promotional materials

Websites and word-of-mouth will only go so far. That’s why the Constitution Party has produced new print pieces and handouts to give local members on the precinct level the tools they need to introduce more voters to the Party. ‘These are great to use for ballot access drives, promoting the party at county fairs, gun shows, right-to-life meetings, and at Tea Party rallies,’ Party organizers said.

One of the new print pieces to be mass produced and distributed by Party members is a tri-fold brochure. It details the Constitution Party’s positions on a host of issues, quotes the founding fathers, and explains what opposition parties like the CP are up against. Another available handout touts the Party’s opposition to illegal immigration. Supporters can order brochures in bulk and can find pricing and quantities via the Constitution Party website.

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