July 6, 2015

Constitution Party launches Voter '16 Campaign

By Mark Wachtler

July 6, 2015. Lancaster, PA. (ONN) The Constitution Party’s 2012 Presidential candidate, former Congressman Virgil Goode, had ballot access in 26 states with official write-in status in 16 more. While most opposition political parties would love to be able to say that, the Constitution Party is determined to increase its membership and increase its ballot access in time for the 2016 Election. To accomplish that goal, they’ve launched the Voter ’16 Campaign and it’s already underway.

The Constitution Party’s Voter ’16 Campaign will target ballot access and like-minded voters.

It’s no secret that each state is different when it comes to the creative ways they block ballot access. In some states, the process has already begun for the 2016 Election. And the Constitution Party’s Voter ’16 Campaign is coming just in time to take advantage of the first six states. “Right now we are petitioning for ballot access in six states - the very first stage of our plan,” Party Chairman Frank Fluckiger announced, “We expect these to be successful drives and will allow the Constitution Party to reach ten million people.”

The Constitution Party newsletter also explains the Voter ’16 Campaign in detail, reminding supporters of the 150 candidates the Party fielded last year and the voters they reached. Now, they’re targeting the other half of America that didn’t have a Constitution Party candidate on their ballot, ‘This is an ambitious project that will give our candidates the opportunity to reach millions - yes, millions - of voters who have not heard our creative and practical platform. Our party must grow to do this, and that requires ballot access.’

Party leaders know they have an uphill battle on their hands to ballot qualify in all 50 states. They are well aware that the number one example of America’s rigged election system is ballot access. As an example, here in Illinois where Opposition News is located, if a candidate wants to run for US Congress as a Democrat or Republican, they need only 500 petition signatures. But in the same race for the same office, independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists and everyone else needs to submit 20,000 petition signatures. 500 vs. 20,000. That’s how they rigged our election system. And don’t even get us started on polls, debates and media coverage.

The Constitution Party newsletter shows they know what they’re up against, ‘The elitist controlled major parties have put many road blocks in place to prevent any third party the opportunity to present its views. There is no free market on Election Day. In some states thousands, even tens of thousands, of signatures petitioning the government to allow us on the ballot are necessary. Some restrictions require us a very limited time to collect those names. Other states require thousands of dollars to allow our candidates a platform. There are states that demand both money and signatures.’

Party leaders also point out they’re building a national Party, ‘from the ground up.’ And across America right now, Constitution Party candidates are now serving as Mayors, City Council members, Sheriffs and more. They fully intend to double, triple or quadruple that number in 2016.

“The establishment has built a rough road for us,” a Party spokesperson detailed, “However, last year the Constitution Party garnered over one million votes in spite of the odds - with 150 candidates. Think of what we can accomplish with 300 candidates ... 400 ... 500. Voter ’16 Campaign can - and will - do that.”

For more information, visit ConstitutionParty.com.



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