May 31, 2015

Wachtler represents the Opposition on Liberty Radio

May 31, 2015. Tulsa, OK. (ONN) Opposition News editor and author Mark Wachtler was the featured guest on this week’s Liberty Talk Radio. The one-hour televised radio show touched on numerous subjects. But the discussion returned time and again to America’s rigged election system. Wachtler, the founder of the Opposition News Network (ONN), used his 25 years of precinct level experience in independent politics to open the eyes of the viewing and listening audience.

Joe Cristiano of Liberty Talk Radio (left) and Opposition News’ Mark Wachtler (right) from Thursday’s broadcast. Image courtesy of the Illinois Herald.

Opposition news was founded on one single principal - that the left and right within the corrupt establishment (Republicans and Democrats) have joined together to further their own sinister agendas and greedy self interests. And the only way to stop them is for the left and the right among We The People (13 opposition political parties) to join together and fight them as a united opposition. Not on every issue, but where it counts. We put that theory to the test this week when ONN founder Mark Wachtler sat down with Liberty Talk Radio.

Rather than type an entire transcript of the one-hour segment, we’ll highlight excerpts that touched on opposition political parties. Liberty Talk Radio host Joe Cristiano and Opposition News founder Mark Wachtler each have decades of experience in third party politics and independent media. And that made for an exciting, entertaining and educational show.


May 28, 2015 episode of Liberty Talk Radio

From the May 28, 2015 episode of Liberty Talk Radio

Joe Cristiano’s first question for guest Mark Wachtler asked what it was like running three independent news outlets when most people can barely manage one. As most readers already know, Opposition News is just one of three grassroots news sites that make up the Opposition News Network (ONN). The others include Whiteout Press and the Illinois Herald.

“It all started, believe it or not, back when I was about seventeen years old and back before the days of the internet,” Wachtler recalled, “It was all black and white copy machine newsletters. I’m sure a lot of your old time listeners and viewers are familiar with those days. It all started back then and I’ve been frustrated ever since by the whole blacked-out, censored news that most Americans don’t even realize.”

Wachtler went on to explain, “I was volunteering for these reform candidates, these citizen-candidates, these first-time candidates, completely naïve of what they were going up against…These poor individuals just got destroyed every time. They never won. And the biggest, most frustrating thing about it was just like you saw four years ago with Gary Johnson and Jill Stein and all the independent candidates for President. They didn’t get invited to the debates. They didn’t get talked about in the media. They were completely blacked-out. It was like they didn’t even exist. So I thought, what’s the best way to solve my frustration and help these people out and break the media black-out? I thought, if they won’t cover the news, I’ll start my own news outlet and cover ‘em. So that’s what I did.”

Rigged election system

After briefly touching on Britain’s national election last week, Mark and Joe agreed that the UK’s election system is open, free and fair compared to America’s closed-off and exclusive system. “I’ll give you the perfect two examples,” Wachtler began, “If I wanted to run for US Congress in my District right here in Illinois, if I ran as a Democrat or a Republican I would need 500 signatures to get on the ballot. If I ran as an independent, a Libertarian, a Green or anybody else, I would need 20,000 signatures. Same office. Same election. Just different Parties. That’s how rigged it is.”

ONN owner/editor Mark Wachtler continued with his second example explaining, “Now, to get into the debates, and this goes for the Presidential debates on down to your local dog catcher, they try to apply the same rule. You have to be polling five percent in the polls by major reputable polling agencies to be invited to the debate. But here’s the problem that every one of these candidates point out - You have to be included in the poll to poll anything other than zero. You can’t poll five percent if you’re not listed.”

Corrupt establishment Parties

The two longtime independent political activists went on to discuss the devastating effects Republican and Democrat partisanship has had on our country. “The Parties took over. The Parties are the government now,” Wachtler suggested, “People are loyal to the Party, not to America. The Parties have totally taken control. And if you want to run for office, guess what, you’ve got to give in to everything your Party wants or you don’t get to run for office. And once you get elected, you’ve got to sell out to your Party. Or else you won’t get re-elected.”

Show host Joe Cristiano mentioned that he had run for office himself as an opposition party candidate a decade and a half ago but was excluded from the debates. Joe challenged his guest to name the organization that unfairly banned him from his own debate. Wachtler blew his mind with his immediate response - the League of Women Voters. Cristiano insisted he’s asked over one hundred guests that same quiz question and Opposition News’ Mark Wachtler is the only person to have ever answered it correctly. Wachtler simply replied, “I live this stuff Joe.”

The opposition

In another instance, the ONN founder enlightened the Liberty Talk Radio audience with a first-hand recap of what the Libertarians and Greens just had to endure during this past 2014 election in his own home state of Illinois. Wachtler explained, “With the Libertarians here in Illinois this last time around, they ended up spending something like $50,000 to fight the Republican challenge, the bogus challenge, to their petitions. They turned in double. They needed something like 25,000 signatures to get their full slate on. They turned in 50,000 signatures. And the Republicans still fought it.”

He went on to detail, “If it wasn’t for the Libertarians begging for help, you know, ‘We’ve got to get down to Springfield to the capitol. Who’s got cars? We need to be there within twelve hours.’ It was the craziest thing. But they did it. The Green Party did the exact same thing, but the Green Party in Illinois didn’t have the resources to fight it. So they just gave in. None of the Greens were on the ballot this time around. The Libertarians were. But that’s because they exhausted every single penny they had, including all the donations they got throughout the campaign. And then by the time they won their challenge, guess what? There was three weeks left in the election and they didn’t have a penny.”

While the majority of the one-hour televised radio broadcast focused on opposition political parties and the rigged political system we’re all up against, the two grassroots independent media personalities touched on other issues briefly as well. They included the March Against Monsanto, Jade Helm 15, Anonymous’ Operation Expose CPS, the world’s longest-held political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera, and a host of other blacked-out issues.

Watch the full show via YouTube or visit Liberty Talk Radio for more information.



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