May 25, 2015

Libertarians flock to help Louisiana LP Family after Fire

By Mark Wachtler

May 25, 2015. Baton Rouge, LA. (ONN) The Libertarian Party of Louisiana put the Party’s philosophy about charity versus government dependence to the test recently. Even in the deep south, it can get pretty cold as Winter turns to Spring. When a small space heater burned a family’s barn and its livestock to the ground, the family was devastated. But while it took three months for the story to make it to the rest of us, it took only three hours for fellow Libertarians to jump into action. Sometimes the word charity doesn’t mean 501c3. It means you and me. And the Libertarian Party of Louisiana proved it.

The Maloy family is grateful to their neighbors and fellow Libertarians who’ve come out to help them rebuild.


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As much as your author has always whole-heartedly agreed with the Libertarian Party’s unflinching support of freedom, liberty and the US Constitution, it’s platform position on taking care of society’s less fortunate has typically been one point of disagreement. This author has a saying, ‘Desperate people do desperate things. And millions of desperate people overthrow governments.’ That’s the warning for those who believe a nation can turn its back on its own citizens in need. But Louisiana Libertarians showed that it doesn’t have to be the government stepping in. We can help each other.

Libertarians helping Libertarians

The local ABC affiliate WBRZ Channel 2 in Baton Rouge briefly covered the tragedy that fell upon Tom and Casey Maloy and their five children. But it wasn’t until Tom penned his own story describing the series of events that a true sense of what happened came into focus. Published this week by the national Libertarian Party, Maloy’s essay ‘Libertarians helping Libertarians’ has put a human face on the belief of personal responsibility over government dependence.

“It was a busy Saturday at work when the phone call came in,” Thomas Maloy begins his recollection, “As I sprinted to my vehicle in a panic, all that was crossing my mind was the 30 minutes ‘till I would reach home. My wife and children having to see all the destruction and death and I was 30 minutes away.”

When Maloy got home to his family’s small ranch and its humble South Shamrock Stables, the stables were gone along with most of the animals inside. Their chickens, rabbits and goats had perished and their barn was destroyed by a fire caused by a small space heater. But literally only hours later, a phone call came in to the family that would change everything.

Libertarian Party of Louisiana

Tom Maloy explains, “As I looked at my family, knowing what we just lost and the seemingly impossible road to rebuilding that lay ahead of us, my phone rang. On the other end of the line was the Chair of our Parish Libertarian Party, Jay Price. His words of apology were kind but what followed next was the little bit of hope I needed. He informed me he was setting up a Go Fund Me account and assured me help was on the way.”

Over the next two hours, still on the same day as the tragic fire, the Maloy’s neighbors and fellow local Libertarians began showing up, not to gawk at a tragedy as is so often the case, but to lend a hand. They brought feed and supplies for the surviving animals and a reassurance for the family that they weren’t alone. The following day, Libertarians from surrounding towns and counties showed up. They removed the debris and fallen livestock. And they built a 500-foot fence to protect the small handful of surviving animals.

Thomas Maloy continues the story saying, “One week after the fire, Libertarians from two states showed up: thirty people all with a desire to help in any way they could. In one day we turned our RV carport into a temporary barn with enough room to house our remaining animals.” He goes on to tell how one gentleman from the Libertarian Party of Mississippi donated some building materials to put toward a new barn and Libertarians from across the country donated to the GoFundMe account.

How readers can help

To date, the GoFundMe effort has only raised $2,425 of the $20,000 needed to completely rebuild. But showing what a grassroots movement looks like, those donations came from 41 different people and are coming in literally five and ten dollars at a time. Maloy and his wife are thankful to the community and fellow Libertarians. And they assure everyone they’ll be fine and will never crawl to the government for financial assistance.

“Rest assured I will never ask the government for money to buy the extra food we need,” Thomas Maloy says in concluding his story, “I will never ask for a government handout or loan to rebuild this farm. I have faith that with hard work and the continued help of like-minded Libertarians, South Shamrock Stables will rise from the ashes and return to being a beacon of freedom and hope for all who visit.”

For more information, read the full story at To contribute to the effort of rebuilding the Maloy’s family farm, visit their GoFundMe account. For news and information from the Libertarian Party of Louisiana, visit their website at



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