June 15, 2015

Green Party Convention in July, Spring Newsletter out

By Mark Wachtler

June 15, 2015. St. Louis. (ONN) The Green Party national convention is coming up next month in St. Louis from July 23-26. There is still time to register for the four-day event. The Party also recently published the Spring edition of its newsletter, Green Pages. Add to that various local events, state conventions, candidate announcements and webinars, and it’s obvious the Green Party is extremely busy these days. We also couldn’t help but notice a new GP logo and masthead.

This new version of the Green Party logo is also available as a button. Image courtesy of GreenPartyWatch.org.

2015 national meeting

‘Why should you come to the 2015 Green Party Annual Meeting in St. Louis in July?’ a recent Green Party announcement asked, ‘This year’s meeting will feature much more than just a gathering…There will be several days of issue and skill-building workshops, electoral strategy sessions, and panel discussions. This year we are planning a special keynote or panel for Saturday during lunch (included in the cost of registration). The point is this: our Annual Meeting is not just a place to talk about the issues and see old friends (although it is that too). It's also a place where we continue to work on our strategic plan, begin new projects, and build alliances with local activists.’

The cost for lodging, meals and attendance at the National Convention in St. Louis is $125 or $225 per couple. For more information, visit the registration page.

Thank you Hillary

Another humorous announcement from the Green Party recently came in the days after Hillary Clinton announced her campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. “You'll love this - Hillary is giving us Greens a boost!” GP coordinators Starlene Rankin and Lea Pierce proclaimed in a joint announcement, “No kidding! The minute she announced, people started pouring in to Green Party of the United States through social media (Like, instantly...). We’ve been getting a huge influx of new supporters. The number of tweets shot up by 300% - and its holding! We’re getting a similar uptick in people joining the party.”

“Why?” they ask rhetorically, “Because people are fed up, afraid, and sick and tired of having 90’s-style realpolitik shoved down their throats. Hillary and Jeb are NOT inevitable. Yesterday’s answers won’t help us - you and I both know that. Green Party ideas and solutions ARE here. People like you and me want alternatives. We’re all sick and tired of the “same old, same old” politics. We must change the 4-year cycle of choosing the lesser of two evils.”

Fundraising webinar

Normally, we don’t publicize webinars here at Opposition News. There are simply too many of them. But this one caught our attention. Tomorrow night (June 16), Green Party members, coordinators and future candidates are encouraged to take part in the one-hour online lecture by fundraising expert Danielle Bowes. What caught our attention is Bowes’ recent track record. According to the GP announcement, Danielle served as the Finance Director for a 2014 independent candidate for US Congress.

‘Without accepting any special interest or PAC donations,’ the account credits Bowes, ‘they raised more funds than any other non-major party US Congressional campaign in the 2014 election cycle.’ The topics of discussion during the webinar will include Danielle’s experiences from last year’s campaign, proven tactics for fundraising from small-dollar donors, and prioritizing those tactics for campaigns with limited resources.

For more information on tomorrow night’s fundraising webinar, see the Green Party announcement.

Spring edition of Green Pages

The Green Party’s national newsletter Green Pages has been released and is also available online. This latest edition includes an exciting array of local happenings from around the country, as well as the Party’s national efforts on numerous important issues. They include the GP’s opposition to ‘Fast Track’ trade authority, and the still-secret TPP and TTIP global trade deals.

Other items in the Spring edition include a tip of the hat to the California Greens for their ongoing election victories, to the Maine Greens for their explosive growth, and to the Oregon Greens for their work in defeating the effort to bring ‘Top Two’ voting to the state.

Also included in this latest edition is the announcement of the Green Party’s new logo and new look. The GP has turned the new logo into buttons, tee shirts, online banner ads and other promotional items to help spread the Party’s green message. One internet ad reads, ‘#JusticeIsGreen – Join the struggle at GP.org.’ While the other reads, ‘#PeaceIsGreen – Feel the love at GP.org.’

Check out the entire Spring edition of Green Pages or visit the Green Party website at GP.org.



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