May 5, 2015

Bernie Sanders credibility with Left dooms Hillary

By Mark Wachtler

May 5, 2015. Burlington, VT. (ONN) Independent US Senator Bernie Sanders just gave Hillary Clinton her worst nightmare scenario. He kept his word not to be a spoiler for the Dems by running as an independent in the General Election. Instead, he will wreak havoc on Hillary Clinton in the Primary. The horrifying truth for the Clinton campaign is that while the Democratic base is immune from GOP accusations about Hillary, they will believe Bernie Sanders. And that will all but doom Clinton in the General Election.

Democrats won’t listen to Republicans about Hillary’s corruption. But they’ll listen to a champion of the progressive cause. Image courtesy of

Hillary’s unprotected left

US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was going to run for President. The only question was whether he would run for the Democratic nomination during the Primary or run as an independent in the General Election. The Washington-Wall Street experts universally agreed that an independent bid by Sanders in November would split America’s progressive voters and guarantee the election of whoever the Republicans nominate. But independent and opposition party voters know better, and so does Bernie Sanders.

In the alternate scenario, the General Election would feature three candidates - Hillary, the Republican, and the independent Sanders. But the media would label the two-term independent US Senator from Vermont as a crackpot socialist, a third party whacko, a waste of a vote, and a spoiler. Even better for Hillary Clinton, she would fall into the damsel in distress character by being constantly attacked by two evil, crusty, white-haired, white men. She may even cry on national TV the day before the New Hampshire Primary again. But none of that will happen now, because Bernie Sanders outsmarted them.

The new 2016 landscape

Make no mistake - Bernie Sanders is infiltrating the Democratic Party for no other reason than to use it to run for President and have at least one candidate speaking for the 99 percent. History tells us that if he ran for President as an independent, he would need exponentially more ballot access petitions, not be on all 50 ballots, be excluded from the televised debates, be blacked-out by the media, and receive only 1% of the General Election vote. It would also allow Hillary to lump him in with the Republicans as anti-Democrat, anti-progressive, and anti-Hillary.


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But running against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary eliminates all of those problems. The Wall Street media is desperate for someone to challenge Clinton in the Primary and give a little push-back to her career of entitlement. They just don’t want anyone to do it in the General Election and cost her the White House. The half that supports Hillary wants to see her earn it. The half that opposes Hillary finally has a fellow progressive exposing all the Clinton scandals that have been dismissed for so long.

Democrats would never side with the Republican nominee questioning Hillary’s version of her many recent scandals. In fact, they would undoubtedly defend her from those never-ending Republican accusations and probably cite the GOP’s alleged war on women in the process. But when those same accusations are leveled by a US Senator and a champion of progressive causes, they will listen, and they will finally want answers along with all the rest of us.

Turning on Hillary like a pack of wolves

When your author was a little kid, the movie ET came out and everyone saw it, except me. All I heard about for years was that stupid kid Elliot, his ET and their Reese’s Pieces candy. Years later, when I finally had the opportunity to see the blockbuster film, I said go to hell. I don’t want to see it now. I just got sick of hearing about how great it was for so long without getting to see it myself. Mark my words, Democratic voters are about to experience the same phenomenon with Hillary Clinton.

Almost none of them got to vote for her for US Senate because it was only in New York. Most of them didn’t vote for her in the 2008 Democratic Primary Election, opting instead to vote for Barack Obama. None of them voted for her in the 2008 General Election because Obama took her anointed place on the ballot. None of them voted for her in the 2012 Democratic Primary because ‘uncommitted’ came in second to the incumbent President. None of them voted for her in the 2012 General Election, because they mostly all voted for Barack Obama again. That’s a lot of elections for so many voters to go through without voting for a woman they’re told a thousand times a day that they love.

This weekend's New York Post is a good example of what Democratic voters are going to see now that the notoriously sincere Bernie Sanders is the one leveling the corruption allegations against the Clintons instead of the Republicans. Readers will notice that it’s not the accusations against Hillary Clinton that made news, it was the allegations against the mainstream news media for protecting her for so long.

‘The Clintons have been playing the political press for idiots,’ the NY Post article begins, ‘Revealing what they’ve been up to took a little bit of work. It wasn’t obvious. While Bill Clinton was giving a speech about fighting AIDS in Africa, or about educating girls in Asia, reporters simply regurgitated the press release. They didn’t ask: Who’s that shady guy standing next to Bill? What are his interests? How much money has he given to, or raised for, Bill, Hillary and their foundation? And what favorable treatment did the shady guy subsequently receive from Hillary?’

As just one example, the account begins with Bill and Hillary receiving millions of dollars from a brutal third world dictator being sanctioned by the US. Immediately after the secret multi-million-dollar donation to the Clintons, Secretary of State Clinton announces the lifting of US sanctions on that dictatorship. The Clintons don’t disclose the money. The US press covers it up. And somehow, the Russian military now owns uranium mines in America.

Peter Schweizer - Clinton Cash

Most Americans are hearing Peter Schweizer’s name for the first time. He’s the author of the new book ‘Clinton Cash’ which documents the hundreds of millions of dollars in secret donations to the Clinton Foundation by corporations and governments that subsequently received beneficial treatment by the Clinton State Department. But that illustrates more than anything that the gloves are off when it comes to Hillary Clinton and the American media.

Peter Schweizer has written other books that we advertise here ourselves because they’re so good. ‘Throw Them All Out’, ‘Architects of Ruin’, and ‘Extortion’ are just three past Schweizer books that expose corruption at the highest levels of US government, including Hillary Clinton. And yet, the media all but blacked-out those scandalous revelations published in the previous books. That was then. This is now, at least for Hillary Clinton.

With the media suddenly telling Americans that Hillary Clinton may not be as ethical as they thought, and fellow progressive Bernie Sanders telling them she definitely isn’t trustworthy, Hillary Clinton will still most likely win the Democratic nomination. But she’ll be so beat up and bloody when she finally gets to the General Election, she’ll be no match for the GOP which spent the Primary season, not attacking each other, but attacking her. By then, Sanders will have worn off Clinton’s Teflon and the corruption accusations won’t be coming from a friendly opponent. They’ll be coming from experts on exposing Clinton’s corruption, only this time, Americans will believe it.



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