February 14, 2015

US Socialist Parties warn of US Russia War

By Mark Wachtler

February 14, 2015. Washington. (ONN) America is currently fighting in more wars than its citizens seem aware of. Ukrainian TV documented how Americans are already fighting against the Russians there. President Obama asked Congress for an open-ended declaration of war against terrorists in Syria and Iraq. He shifted America’s military to the Far East to fight the coming war against China. And don’t forget Israel and the GOP’s insistence that the US go to war against Iran for the Jewish State.

Russians march through Moscow for peace in Ukraine. In the US, the same pro-peace demonstrators are called “low-life scum” by a powerful pro-war US Senator. Image courtesy of Reuters/Maxim Shemetov.

Preparing for war

Who will America go to war against next? If you said ISIS, you’re forgetting that the Islamic terror group is actually on our side in the global East-West showdown. The correct answer, at least according to observers around the world and the various socialist opposition political parties in America, is Russia. And showing just how effective Washington-Wall Street censorship is these day, the war appears to have already started. The American people just don’t know it yet.

Two weeks ago, Ukrainian television documented how American soldiers were already on the ground in Eastern Ukraine fighting the pro-Russian separatists, and in some cases, the Russian military itself. Read the report from Opposition News’ sister publication Whiteout Press for specific details and to watch the video for yourself.

At the same time Americans were discovered fighting in Ukraine, other Americans leery of another war flooded a US Armed Services Committee meeting to voice their opposition. They were met by the Committee Chairman and the most pro-war Republican in Washington - Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). It’s worth noting that if Senator McCain had gotten his way, America would have already been destroyed. No nation can successfully fight seven wars at once, against opponents like Russia and China, as the Senator from Arizona repeatedly insists America do.

Instead of hearing the voices of the American people who showed up at his Armed Services Committee meeting, he kicked out those Americans who oppose the GOP’s never-ending wars. With all the attributes of a hatful bitter old man, the senior Republican Senator and Committee Chairman violently yelled, “Get out of here you low-life scum!”

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Socialist Party USA way ahead of the game

While the American people are first coming to grips with the reality of escalating civil war in Ukraine, SPUSA proved itself either psychic or incredibly insightful when it was the first American opposition political party to warn the nation about a US-Russian war there. The Party also proved it understood the true reality of the conflict before it even happened. The SPUSA released an ominous statement before the CIA-led coup overthrew the pro-Russian President or any Ukrainian provinces even thought about breaking away.

‘The Socialist Party USA supports democratic revolution from below,’ the February 2014 SPUSA statement reads, ‘We also oppose the hijacking of democratic revolutions by outside forces. Ukraine is now undergoing internal turmoil, and both sides appear indefensible. The Yanukovych regime has served as a puppet of the Russian government of Vladimir Putin, while the opposition forces have been dominated by Right Sector thugs and ultra-nationalists. The Socialist Party supports democratic socialist forces in their struggle for a democratic Ukraine. We do not deny that this will be a long struggle. After decades of invasion and occupation, Ukraine is divided and dominated by opportunists. The answer will not come from Russia, nor from the EU or USA, but from the Ukrainian people themselves.’

Party for Socialism and Liberation

Yesterday, PSL joined the chorus warning the American people that we are dangerously close to going to war against Russia. The Party statement reads, ‘While the United States and Russia are not at each others throats, the confrontation between the two major powers is clearly growing increasingly heated and it is always possible that it could escalate rapidly - even get out of hand.’

The PSL statement issued yesterday is penned by John Beacham from PSL Chicago. He was a candidate for Chicago City Council in this month’s 2015 municipal election, until the city kicked him off the ballot. He writes of the US-Russian conflict, ‘Washington and Moscow are not friends. This is mostly Washington’s fault. At no time since the collapse of the Soviet Union has Moscow sought to go on an offensive against the United States. The same cannot be said of Washington.’

Beacham and PSL go on to warn, ‘In fact, a significant part of the US ruling establishment, represented by people like Sen. John McCain, want not only Ukraine in the European Union and NATO, but they also want to bring Russia to its knees…It is the United States that has called for and worked for the overthrow of Russia’s president, not the other way around. Full of arrogance, the United States claims for itself the right to unilaterally meddle, invade and overthrow governments.’

Socialist Equality Party

As is more and more the case these days, the Socialist Equality Party didn’t issue its own statement warning of Ukrainian intervention and a war with Russia. Instead, it re-issued the official announcement from its global parent via the World Socialist Web Site.

The SEP and WSWS statement starts with the blunt announcement, ‘The World Socialist Web Site unequivocally condemns plans being worked out by the Obama administration to arm the right-wing regime in Ukraine with billions of dollars in advanced weaponry. These moves threaten to spark a direct conflict between the US and Russia, two nuclear-armed powers, and ignite a Third World War.’

Commenting on the increasing call for war against Russia inside the US, the Socialists’ statement last week goes on to warn, ‘This reckless escalation is being plotted by a criminal cabal of government officials, military and intelligence operatives and their associated think tanks, including the Brookings Institution. It is dictated by the interests of a corporate and financial oligarchy that, in its pursuit of global hegemony, threatens the very future of human civilization.’

With the premise that US involvement in a Ukraine-Russia war would be akin to Russia invading Mexico, the Socialists quote two well-placed and respected sources who are also warning the American people that Russia isn’t like America’s past military opponents like Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Panama or Grenada. Russia can do what no other country has done since the Spanish-American War - bring war to the streets of America.

The SEP/WSWS statement reads, ‘One of the few sober appraisals came from Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung, which warned in an article published Monday: “US arms supplies to Ukraine would be - and that can be taken almost literally - a declaration of war against Moscow.”’ The announcement goes on to say, ‘These statements follow warnings from Mikhail Gorbachev, the last president of the Soviet Union, who said recently that a European war over Ukraine would, “inevitably lead to a nuclear war.”’

The Socialist Equality Party and the World Socialist Web Site remind supporters that they were also among the few voices that warned last year about the rapidly rising possibility of war between the US and Russia. They wrote, ‘Anyone who believes that a nuclear war is impossible because modern governments, unlike those that were in power in 1914, would not risk catastrophe, is deluding himself. If anything, the regimes that exist today are even more reckless. Beset by mounting economic and social problems for which they have no progressive solution, they are ever more inclined to see war as a risk worth taking.’



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