February 1, 2015

Reform Party gets new Officers, Affiliate, Website, Shirts

By Mark Wachtler

February 1, 2015. Louisburg, NC. (ONN) It’s been a very busy couple of months for the Reform Party. First, they welcomed in new County chapters into their North Carolina affiliate. Next, the Party held a meeting to select new national Party officers. Not stopping there, RPUSA officials announced they were going to launch a whole new website. And finally, the Reform Party announced the offering of American made polo shirts complete with the RPUSA logo.

Nicholas Hensley, Reform Party National Secretary and North Carolina State Chair.

Reform Party of North Carolina

The North Carolina affiliate of the Reform Party announced it reorganized its Franklin County chapter, the third such county to be reorganized in the past six months. Party leaders hope the County, located in north-central North Carolina and just outside Raleigh, will serve as a centrally located base of operations. “To help the Reform Party of Franklin County, the Reform Party of North Carolina is planning on hosting a state meeting there early next year,” said RPNC State Chair Nicholas Hensley, “This meeting will consist of interested parties throughout the state, and party organizers from neighboring counties.”

Hensley went on to say, “Franklin County is important. The demographics of the county make it an important swing county come election time, and having boots on the ground there will help us come election time.” The Reform Party of North Carolina didn’t have any candidates listed on the 2014 election ballot. But the RPNC did endorse several write-in candidates. One of them, Shawn Eckles, garnered an impressive 1.36% of the vote considering his name wasn’t even a choice in the voting booth.

National officers

Speaking of Reform Party of North Carolina State Chair Nicholas Hensley, he was just elected National Secretary in a successful challenge to outgoing Secretary Beverly Kennedy of Texas. Hensley was Chairman of the national Party’s Communications Committee before capturing the Secretary post with 72% of the vote.

According to an announcement from the Reform Party National Committee, joining Nicholas Hensley will be Bill Merrell of New York who was elected to the national Party’s Vice Chairman post. He was previously the Party’s national Treasurer. To fill the now-vacant Treasurer’s position, the Reform Party held a special internal election on January 20th. Vice Chair of the Reform Party of New York, Leigh Pollet, was elected Treasurer in a race against Sandy Madison of Texas.

New website and polo shirts

In addition to new national officers, the Reform Party called on supporters to help contribute to the effort to produce a new website for the Party. Former Communications Committee Chair and newly elected national Secretary Nicholas Hensley has agreed to match the first $100 donated. Visit the current Reform Party website for details.

Last but not least, the RPUSA is reminding members and supporters alike that the Party offers sharp Reform Party polo shirts. They’re made in the USA and come complete with the RPUSA logo embroidered on the chest. “This shirt is popular among the organizers that work at Reform Party events,” a recent Party announcement declared, “By purchasing this shirt, buyers are supporting both the Reform Party and American made manufacturing.”

For more information on the Reform Party, visit ReformParty.org. Or get all the Reform Party of North Carolina’s news and announcements streaming live on the North Carolina page of the Opposition News states section.


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