February 17, 2015

PSL’s Liberation Radio moving to Friday Mornings

By Mark Wachtler

February 17, 2015. San Francisco, CA. (ONN) The Party for Socialism and Liberation has announced it is moving its weekly syndicated radio show from Monday mornings to Friday mornings beginning this Friday. Listeners will actually receive a double-dose of Liberation Radio this week with shows airing on both days. Recent topics discussed on the thirty-minute online and AM/FM syndicated program include the war in Ukraine, CIA actions in Syria, Greece austerity, and the new anti-war movement.

Liberation Radio, the weekly show from PSL, is moving to Friday mornings. Image courtesy of LiberationRadio.org.

Liberation Radio moves to Fridays

‘Beginning Friday, February 20, Liberation Radio will be published weekly on Fridays,’ the PSL announcement reads, ‘For over two years, Liberation Radio has been bringing you interviews, commentary and analysis of political developments and struggles affecting workers throughout the country on Monday mornings. Beginning on February 20, Liberation Radio will be delivered on Friday mornings.’

Interested listeners can tune into Liberation Radio by going to LiberationRadio.org. Or they can tune in on their AM/FM radio if they live in any of the following cities which rebroadcast the syndicated weekly program produced by the Party for Socialism and Liberation:

  • KDRT 95.7 FM (Davis, CA)
  • KRFP 92.5 (Moscow, ID)
  • KMEC 105.1 FM (Ukiah, CA)
  • KPFT 90.1-3 (Houston, TX)
  • KZCT 89.5 FM (Vallejo, CA)
  • WXOJ-LP 103.3 (Florence, MA)
  • The Voice (online; Sacramento, CA)

About Liberation Radio

According to the show’s website, ‘Liberation Radio brings you interviews, commentary and analysis of political developments and struggles affecting workers throughout the country… Liberation Radio is produced by an all-volunteer effort of the members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation as an alternative to mainstream corporate media.’

Organizers go on to explain how the effort is more than just a radio program, it’s also an outreach tool and a central meeting spot for PSL and its supporters. ‘Liberation Radio is more than an online radio show,’ producers tout, ‘The Party for Socialism and Liberation produces Liberation Radio to bring people together to fight for change and build the movement for socialism in the United States.’

The website, which streams each weekly show free on-demand 24/7, goes on to explain, ‘The PSL is a Party of activists and organizers. We are in the streets at the demonstrations and picket lines - opposing cutbacks and attacks on workers, standing up to police brutality, fighting for immigrant rights and struggling against racism, sexism, homophobia and all forms of bigotry. We stand in solidarity with oppressed peoples around the world resisting imperialism. We believe the crimes of capitalism call for a new kind of society, and we are committed to fighting for it.’

New episodes air each Friday morning and can be streamed online at LiberationRadio.org. For more information on the Party for Socialism and Liberation, visit the Party’s website at LiberationNews.org.



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