March 31, 2015

New Libertarian Logo, AR offensive and Chicago Black Sites

By Mark Wachtler

March 31, 2015. Little Rock, AR. (ONN) The Libertarian Party has been busy. Most notably, the Party is in the middle of a contest to design a new logo. Once the large number of entries are narrowed down, committee members will vote for their favorite. The LP National Committee has also invested heavily in the state of Arkansas, looking to capitalize on recent success there. And finally, an alternative news outlet in Moscow interviewed the LP National Chair to get the real story on Chicago’s just-expose police black site.

The LP held a logo design contest to find a new Party logo to replace the current logo above.

Back in December, the Libertarian Party National Committee decided to create a new Party logo. In an effort to have as many options as possible, and to include the LP membership at the same time, it was decided a contest would be held to design the new logo. A subcommittee, including Arvin Vohra, Brett Bittner and Norm Olsen, was charged with soliciting entries. They received over 200.

As detailed in yesterday’s announcement from Libertarian Party National Chairman Nicholas Sarwark, the meeting hosted by the Libertarian Party of Arizona this weekend also included appointments to national committees such as the Platform, Bylaws, and Credentials Committees. After that, the business moved onto the logo contest.

“Following their presentation of the entries at the meeting, the entire Libertarian National Committee narrowed it down to eight options,” Sarwark explained, “Over the next few weeks, the members of the committee will be soliciting feedback on the finalists to determine which logo will be selected at an electronic meeting to be held on May 3, 2015.”

Arkansas ballot access drive

Four days ago, the Libertarian Party announced it had launched a major offensive targeting the state of Arkansas with the goal of gaining full ballot access there. ‘We recently signed an agreement with the Libertarian Party of Arkansas to pay $25,000 for ballot access petition signatures,’ the announcement began, ‘The LP in Arkansas is one of our most improved state affiliates over the past four years, thanks largely to the leadership of Rodger and Jessica Paxton. Arkansas elected three Libertarians to office in 2014. We need to make sure Libertarians are on the Arkansas ballot in 2016.’

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According to Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict, “We have 90 days to collect 10,000 valid signatures. Because some signatures always get thrown out by the elections boards, we estimate we’ll need a total of 14,000 signatures to be safely over the limit. The petition drive will qualify our 2016 Presidential nominee, as well as candidates for every other partisan office in Arkansas.”

Interview with Russian news outlet

If there’s one thing America and Russia have in common, it’s a national news industry all but controlled by the state. But both countries do have a healthy line-up of alternative, independent news networks. One of those Moscow-based independent news outlets is Sputnik News. With offices is countries around the globe, Sputnik asked the Libertarian Party USA for help in getting to the bottom of the recent discovery of a Chicago Police Department ‘black site’.

It seems the United States can be added to the list of countries hosting secret American interrogation sites. An old factory, turned into a ‘special units’ facility for the Chicago Police Department in the city’s south side Homan Square neighborhood, was recently exposed by past victims as a secret detention center. Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the CPD insist there is nothing secret about it. The multi-story building is located in a sleepy industrial neighborhood and houses CPD agencies like the evidence lock-up and special investigative units.

Since Opposition News is located in Chicago, take it from us - both sides are correct. The large building is used by various CPD departments and is no secret. But it is also used for off-the-books interrogations, as testified to by the recently convicted ‘NATO 3’ in Chicago. A real-world example would be when a special police unit picks up a suspect for questioning. They’re taken to the secret facility first, where they are interrogated without the luxury of a lawyer, a phone call or even their rights. Once that initial round of questioning is complete, the suspects are often taken to an actual CPD police precinct where they are interrogated again, this time with the inclusion of uniformed beat cops, surveillance cameras and documentation.

Read ‘Chicago Police Torture - the Whole World is Watching’ from our sister publication the Illinois Herald for further details.

LP Chair speaks to the world

Sputnik News explained the reason for their interest in the story writing, ‘In February, the Guardian reported about a “domestic black site” in Chicago similar to US Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation sites overseas. However, the story did not receive extensive coverage in US media.’ They reached out to LP National Chair Nicholas Sarwark for more information.

“The allegations of physical abuse should be covered by the media,” Sarwark told the outlet. He went on to add that any time an American is held by authorities without access to their fundamental rights, “It is an outrage.”

The publication also wrote, ‘The Chicago police department (CPD) reportedly operates a secret interrogation compound, similar to the CIA’s black sites, at the Homan Square warehouse. Practices at the site allegedly include beatings, prolonged shackling and denying detainees legal counsel. Reports about the Chicago police site allege that at least one individual was discovered to be unresponsive in an interview room in the facility and later pronounced dead.’

While Sputnik News isn’t the typical news outlet American opposition parties are interviewed by, the five-month-old alternative news network publishes and airs radio spots in 29 languages and in nearly every country on Earth. And as most Libertarians will testify, the concept of liberty is contagious, especially in countries and societies that have been denied it. Don’t be surprised if international interviews like this one lead to the birth of the Libertarian Party of China, or Japan, or Spain, Serbia, Turkey or even Uzbekistan. Those countries and dozens more were just introduced to the Libertarian Party USA.

For more information, visit the Libertarian Party website. Also, be sure to stay updated on the Libertarian Party of Arkansas and their ballot access offensive by checking out all their news and announcements streaming live 24/7 on the Arkansas Page of the Opposition News State’s Section.



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